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<! – ->unicredit_13Foamy sitting for UniCredit after the spread of quarterly results. The title of the institute it jumped 5.96% to 12.806 euros.

UniCredit closed the first nine months of 2019 with a net accounting result of 4.3 billion euros, while the July-September period closed with a net profit of 1.1 billion euros, an improvement of 25, 7% compared to what was recorded in the third quarter of 2018. Based on the consensus elaborated on the estimates of 19 Italian and international brokers, UniCredit should have closed the quarter with a net profit of 1.01 billion euros. At the end of September, loans to customers had increased by 4.1% year-on-year to € 481 billion. At the same date gross impaired exposures decreased by 29.5% year on year and by 16.4% quarter over quarter to € 28.8 billion, with an improvement in the ratio between gross impaired loans and total gross loans at 5, 7% UniCredit confirmed the financial estimates for the entire 2019. The institute expects to close the current year with revenues of 18.7 billion euros and an adjusted net profit (which excludes the extraordinary items recorded in the last quarters) for 4.7 billion.

Furthermore, UniCredit has completed the sale of ordinary shares of Mediobanca, for a quantity of around 8.4% of the capital, equivalent to the entire stake held in the institution of Piazzetta Cuccia. The transaction price amounts to approximately € 785 million, resulting from the sale of approximately 74.5 million Mediobanca ordinary shares at a price of € 10.53 per share. The price includes a 2.3% discount compared to the last Mediobanca pre-announcement closing price. According to Reuters news agency, as part of the placement, Leonardo Del Vecchio would have bought a 2.5% stake in Mediobanca's capital, bringing the stake held in the Piazzetta Cuccia institute to just under 10%.

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