Ugolini confirms: "Moments of tension with Edo De Laurentiis involved, that's why the players …"


Caos Napoli, the well-known journalist who spoke on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli and confirmed the hot version after the match against Salzburg.

Massimo Ugolini, journalist and correspondent of SkySport, confirmed his reconstruction of the post-Salzburg chaos on the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli. Here are the words of the famous TV face during Radio Goal: "There were moments of tension at the San Paolo, an exchange of views that saw Edo De Laurentiis involved. From there the decision of the players to leave the stadium to go home and not to retire and Carlo Ancelotti to return to Castel Volturno ".

Then he added: "Solutions? Now it is undoubtedly the common sense to follow in this delicate moment. Notwithstanding that it is within the faculties and the right of Calio Napoli to assert its reasons given that the hunters have not respected a clear indication of the club. It was a tough stance, probably due to a series of different situations, but this leaves the time that it finds and only serves for chatter: the fact remains that the players had to obey the employer and they did not do it ".

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