U 14 – Sport City


Near Trigoria at Campo Mendolia under a leaden sky, but without Giovepluvio putting his passing threat into practice, the fifth day of the regional championship under 14 took place, group C.
The non-excessive sized clay court evokes a kick of the past. In fact, the first portion of the game closes at 0-0, slipping away between bell bids and numerous fouls that, sanctioned by the race director's tax, continually break up the match. The few plots of game ball on the ground are mentioned by the home team, while the guests are distinguished by a sensational goal missed by Pagnotta with an empty net, the result of the only ball action on the ground.

The second half begins with the same script as the first: De Rossi waiting for the Sport City to start again at speed. In one of these rapid restarts, a side foul quickly beaten by Pagnotta, is free Castellanos within the area that with a feint gets rid of the opponent and then kick a left in a safe shot, giving the guests the advantage in the middle of the second half. At this point De Rossi seems to have the ball in the game thanks to the changes that rebalance the team. The hosts however unexpectedly find the draw at a quarter of an hour from the final whistle, with a parabolic shot from outside the area of Agostini which surprises Iosa, the extreme defensive bulwark of De Rossi, violating the unbeaten record that had lasted for more than 2 races.
The epilogue of the match takes place 5 minutes from the end due to the striker Loaf that, redeeming the missed opportunity in the first half, definitely brings the guests in the lead with a fine right to turn on the second post from inside the area after an exchange with Dell'Orfanello.
Nothing to report until the triple whistle, with De Rossi administering the result rendering vain the generous attempts of the home team.
Match not beautiful but fought and 3 important points that project De Rossi in sixth place in the standings after 5 matches.

Ale Giannangeli

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