Two silver medals at the karate world championships: Gromo celebrates champion Diego Santus


Two world silver medals: Diego Santus, athlete of the Karate Club Clusone, he returned triumphant in the Upper Val Seriana after the Karate World Championships staged in Belgrade, Serbia. The competitions took place on Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November.

The very young athlete, born in 1997 and from Gromo, returned to his country in the afternoon of Monday 18 November. In addition to the victorious smile, the two silver medals leading to the neck stand out, both won in the discipline of "Kumite" (combat). The 22-year-old competed first in the senior individual category and then performed the team test.

"What a thrill when I climbed to the second step of the podium with the two medals around my neck – says Diego with happiness -. Initially I did not expect this result, but after the first tests that I supported I realized that I was doing well. I'm happy".

Gromo's party for Diego Santus
Karate Diego Fratus

The young 22-year-old, in addition to dedicating himself to Karate, works at the Blue Cross of Gromo by president Battista Santus. Colleagues, relatives and friends organized a surprise party for him to welcome him at his best when he returned from the world championship: “A beautiful and totally unexpected party; they almost exaggerated (laughs n.d.r.) – says Diego amused -. Smoke bombs, banners, sirens of ambulances of the Blue Cross: a thousand emotions ".

Diego started practicing Karate since he was only 7 years old under the technical guidance of the teacher Tino Meloni of Clusone, sixth black belt Dan. To support Diego in his training were also present the teacher and world champion for 12 times Valeria Gazzaniga, black belt fifth Dan, the instructor Ezio Verdi, black belt according to Dan and national referee of Tatami and the son of master Meloni, Michele Meloni first Dan black belt.

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Santus with his fans, Monday 18 November
Karate Diego Fratus

“I sincerely thank all the staff of the Karate Club Clusone and all the people who support me by always rooting for me; thanks also goes to me for sure. I dedicate the two medals won to my family: mother Eva, father Pierluigi and my brother Enrico are my first fans ".

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