Tuscany, the Florence-Pisa closed highway to capture dangerous wild animals for travelers: even 16 roe deer were caught


The highway A11 Florence-Pisa North it remained closed from 6am until 9am on Sunday morning, between Prato Ovest and Montecatini Terme, to capture dangerous wild animals for the safety of travelers. The prefecture of Pistoia at the request of the Tuscany Region, it ordered a stop to circulation due 10 thousand road accidents a year with 13 deaths in the first nine months of 2019. While in the countryside damages are estimated for 200 million of Euro.

Only in the morning 16 roe deer were captured in the area next to the highway exit of Pistoia: the animals, caught with gods networks, blindfolded and then locked up in special enclosures, will be Set Yourself Free in the open countryside. The operation lasted about an hour and 20 minutes, reopening the motorway before the scheduled time, set for 12 pm. All the operations took place in the presence of personnel of theAsl and of veterinary.

"The closure of the A11 motorway – comments Coldiretti in a note – due to the excessive presence of wild animals is the confirmation of a national emergency". According to Coldiretti it is the "confirmation of the enormity of a phenomenon that has reached unbearable levels, not only for farms, which see their crops raided, from attacks on vineyards in Chianti and throughout the province of Florence, to Meadow is Pistoia". And they add: "The situation has become unsustainable and it is estimated that the number of wild animals has doubled in the last ten years and that only in Tuscany 250 thousand are present boars, 200 thousand roes, 12 thousand fallow deer, 4 thousand deer and 3 thousand mouflon".

Finally for the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini "An extraordinary plan is needed" and recalled the "package of proposals" presented during the national demonstration in Piazza Montecitorio last Thursday 7 November. "We appreciate the commitments made by parliamentarians on all sides. If, however, the commissions parliamentarians, from Agriculture to the Environment and Finance, will not vote on the provision, an amendment to the law of Balance that assigns the competences to the Regions, we will return to the streets, but this time not so peaceful. We are exasperated ”.


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