Turn in the mother's yellow disappeared in Sicily. An email arrives to his lawyer: "I'm fine, but I don't want to go home"


Turn on the yellow Campofiorito woman whose traces had been lost since the morning of 8 October. Claudia Stabile she had moved away from home telling her husband that she was going to Corleone to buy the ingredients for the birthday cake, but she didn't come back. The car on which she left had been found by her husband two days later, at Palermo airport, parked and with the keys hidden under the mat. Desperate for the appeals of man also to the microphones of the Rai transmission "Who saw it?".

This afternoon the turning point: the woman's lawyer, Antonio Di Lorenzo, says he received an e-mail in which his assisted states that he would have no intention of going home.

The content of the email is already under investigation by the investigators. The woman would have pointed out to her lawyer that she does not intend to make the mistake committed years ago. "In her mail, Claudia also asked me to talk to her children, to tell them that she loves them so much, but she can't go home because she doesn't want to make the same mistake three years ago"- says the lawyer. In fact, in 2016 Claudia Stabile had abandoned the conjugal roof, taking one of her three children with her to Germany. When she returned to Italy, the woman was stopped at the airport by the police. For these facts Claudia Stabile is accused in a trial still in progress at the Court of Termini Imerese. It was her husband who denounced her, accused of leaving the marital home.

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