Turkey: "Monday we begin to expel the foreign fighters of the Islamic State to Europe"


Monday the Turkey will start to eject i European fighters of the Islamic State in their custody. The decision is taken, announced the Minister of the Interior, Suleyman Soylu, even if it did not clarify how these expulsions will take place: "Whether you like it or not, whether you withdraw their citizenships, we will send you back to the members of theIsis, which are your people, your citizens, "he said. "They are yours, do what you want," he added, addressing "Europe".

The intransigent position is also linked to the deterioration of relations between Turkey and its allies Born, after the lack of support in theoffensive against Kurdish militias in the northeastern Syrian and the decision of Western forces, he says Ankara, of "siding with the terrorists". The minister did not specify which countries were initially involved, nor how Turkey intends to force the hand in the event of failure to reach an agreement with the countries of destination. Without forgetting the situation of those who lost citizenship: over a hundred, for example, are the alleged jihadists whom the Great Britain has withdrawn his passport. Similar cases also concern France is Holland.

The ultimatum shouldn't worry theItaly. In Turkish prisons, we learn from intelligence and counter-terrorism sources, there would be no fighters in our country. From the latest information available, i foreign fighter that have had a link with our country are about 140, of which fifty died. However, the Italians and naturalized Italians are only 25 and of these four are deceased and eight have already returned to Europe and are constantly monitored by the security apparatus.

In Syria he was instead arrested, after being captured by the Kurds and the Americans, Samir Bougana, a 24-year-old Italian-Moroccan who left in 2013 to go and fight first al-Qaeda and then with the Isis. The man is already in prison in Italy. In detention camps under Kurdish control, at least until the Ankara offensive, between Al Hol, Ayn Issa is Roj, at least four Italian fighters would be found: Alice Brignoli and your husband Mohammed Koraichi with 3 children, Sonia Khediri, Italian-Tunisian and wife of Abu Hamza al Abidi, leading figure of the Caliphate killed in combat, e Meriem Rehaily, 23 year old Paduan of Moroccan origin, condemned for recruiting for terrorism purposes. They too would have 2 children each.

In Turkish prisons they are currently in total detention 1,149 jihadists linked to the Caliphate, while at least 242 are foreign fighters from 19 countries captured in Syria from the beginning, a month ago, of the military operation Source of Peace and ready to be sent home.


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