Turin, today's press review 9 November 2019


Today's sports press review on Turin: Mazzarri loads the team, today he wants to see a different Taurus

There press review of today on the turin talk about how Walter Mazzarri loaded the team on the eve of Brescia-Torino. The Taurus is called to a great test, to ward off the ghosts of a ranking that could start to scare.

Today's press review on Turin

Tuttosport: "I wear armor"
Mazzarri does not give up: "The flame has been revised". And the Philadelphia reopens
Zaza ko as Iago. It is Millico's time
The young and talented attacker becomes the first alternative to Belotti and potential partner of the Gallo in case of need. But also watch out for Berenguer

The print: Under pressure
"Starting from the derby". Season at the crossroads, the Taurus wants a turning point

CronacaQui: Mazzarri risks everything: "Taurus, the bad weather does not scare me"
Bench in the balance

The Republic: Mazzarri plays the Berenguer card against Brescia
The infirmary widens: sprained ankle also for Zaza. Baselli, injured, asks to follow the team anyway

La Gazzetta dello Sport: A Brescia-Turin B&B. Balo-Belotti: who starts again?
Mario wants to forget the facts of Verona and welcome Grosso on the bench. Andrea intends to re-launch his own

Corriere Torino: The Taurus line
Mazzarri charges the team for the breakthrough: "Just look at the last championship. We've regrouped, let's show it ”. Brescia, 3 pm, challenge to Balotelli & C.

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