Turin, Mazzarri: "Belotti fantastic, happy with the result and performance"


BRESCIA – "On 2-0 and with one man less we gave him the chance to get back into the game, this made me angry ". So a combative Walter Mazzarri, technician of a turin finally back to victory after a long time. "From the Derby we have regrouped and we must always play like this – he explained to Sky after 4-0 external to Bresciathere Serie A is difficult for everyone and all the races are tough. Difficult to reproduce last year's game with many players not in top condition. Today we were rewarded by performance and result, now comes a stop that did not want us, I wanted all the players with me. greens? Why talk about the individual? He did as well as the whole team, except for those 10 'in which there was a drop in tension and no longer has to happen, otherwise I get angry. There was a little bit of voltage due to the lack of results, but then passed the moment it was done very well, congratulations to everyone, except for that 0-2 time frame. Serve the humility of the strong, the one that on defense makes you always see danger, compactness and organized pressing, then with the ball at your feet you can create problems for others, the same principle that had distinguished us in last year's second round. Two games are not enough for me, usually when the break is wrong the next one, it doesn't have to happen anymore. Belotti? I think he has to play for striker because of the characteristics he has, with a second striker that goes around him. Sometimes with the 3-4-3 like we did last year, but to make it he has to move in front of himself. For us it is fantastic, it extends the team and makes others play well " the grenade technician concluded.


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