Turin, Cavallerizza: got the man who started the fire: a fight between the homeless the cause


They had been after him for days. Ever since they had realized that he had been responsible for the fire that had destroyed a sleeve of the Cavallerizza at dawn on October 21, in the part of the former stables, in an area called Le Pagliere, raising fears for the preservation of an architectural heritage jewel Unesco. The investigations by the police station led by Gianmaria Sertorio and by the prosecutor Paolo Scafi were incessant: fundamental were the analysis of the images of a camera but the investigators were able to find the man whose traces had been lost for days . A person who would probably set fire to spite or revenge.The images of the camera show the man, 38 years old, of Moroccan origins but born in Spain, while he is heading towards the door of the Cavallerizza known as the "small temple", pour the liquid of a glass bottle and try to set fire with a lighter, without success. After a couple of hours he heads instead to the Granai area and in the darkness he occasionally lights up flames. To then hurriedly escape from a door from which the stake will start shortly after. The man was stopped by the police station in central Genoa after a check. The alleged crime is massacre because in the building at the time of the fire there were at least seven people who slept and were awakened by the police otherwise they would have remained imprisoned in the fire
There are therefore no political motives behind the origin of the fire, but the reckless gesture of a desperate homeless. The fire had been set up in front of a warehouse full of piled up waste and the fire brigade had managed to prevent it from spreading to the other buildings of the Cavallerizza. But he had struck the singular coincidence in time between the fire and the fact that in that burned part the electricity had been removed just a couple of days before: there had been an abusive and dangerous connection with flying cables connected over a manhole to the whose interior was filled with water. The prosecutor had noticed: he had opened an investigation following complaints about the situation of degradation in the interior and petty crime.

Trip in the Cavallerizza after the stake

The fire had therefore once again highlighted the many problems of the structure, owned by the City which in a more abandoned part was a shelter for the homeless, but it was also occupied by a collective of artists who with the group “assembly horse rider 14.45 "(from the hour still standing on the clock of the facade) has given life to cultural projects and experiments based on the concept of" common good ". Always opposed to any hypothesis of building sales and speculation, yesterday the Assembly had met the mayor and the prefect in the long negotiations to decide the future of the Cavallerizza.

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