Turin at the crossroads, Cairo and Mazzarri: Brescia decides


TURIN – Banners in three different places although close together in the Lingotto area, towards the Po, between underpasses and open skies. More banners, therefore, displayed in two among the main arteries of a large part of Turin. Banners against, identical banners in the message: «Cairo get out". They appeared on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday morning, in fact, we woke up in many with a great tam tam on the phone, between photographs and collages then circulated on thousands and thousands of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp profiles: a giant social word of mouth with its classic spreading dynamics, while more and more Toro fans are using the fixed icon «Cairo vattene» as their image on Fb. All this, after a banner of criticism appeared in Cairo at the end of August in Philadelphia. Remember? "Thank you president for this amazing market." He had not yet bought anyone, Cairo: and it was August 25, a week before the market closed. And that banner was of Ultras emanation.

Turin, banners at the Lingotto: «Cairo go away»

Cairo: "Turin, it's time to go back. Reinforcements? We'll see"

Turin, the protest against Cairo

Those of last night, however, do not know for sure. First because they were not signed. Secondly, why no official group of the Marathon or of other sectors he claimed them a posteriori, until proven otherwise. The pissi pissi today still associates them with exponents of the Primavera curve: which, for years, is certainly much more critical of Cairo than other areas of the stadium. He contests it openly especially when things go wrong. Even with repeated choruses during the matches: and had had the most recent proof in the match against the Cagliari, pre-Lazio and pre-Derby: about a dozen days ago. Then, after the disappointing 1 to 1 with the Sardinians, all the groups of the Marathon, Ultras in the lead, had released a statement in which they asked for the exemption of Mazzarri, but in the queue they partially criticized also the indecisionism of Cairo, on the Chiellini case . Then, in Rome, the trip and cheer strike: less than 150 fans present at the Olimpico to defeat against Lazio. Next, the severe and long dialectical comparison to the Fila between Mazzarri, the ds Bava, Belotti and a representative of the Ultras. Finally, at the derby, the blocking of the choreographies in the corners: left out, in spite of the desires of the fans (introduction and exposure prohibited: permits not granted).

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