Tuchel download Cavani for Icardi: "He lacks the rhythm, he has to manage this competition and Mauro is in a perfect moment"


The time has come. And it was foreseeable that this was the case. When Paris Saint-Germain took Icardi from Milan, Inter bank, he immediately asked himself a question: and Cavani, what's the end? The Matador is one of the favorite footballers of the fans of the French team, but the years pass for everyone. And it was almost obvious that the arrival of the Argentine could mark a decrease in presences for the former Palermo and Naples. In the match against Brest, Cavani started from the start but did not record. And the fact that Icardi, having taken his place, decided the game, certainly does not play in favor of the Uruguayan. Tuchel, for his part, finds himself with a clash of titans.

COMPETITION – And to the microphones of Canal + he explains that for the Matador the situation is very clear: the place is played with Icardi. And given the numbers of the former Inter player, at the moment the first choice is not him. "It is not easy to play with such teams for a striker. And Cavani lacks the rhythm. He must be able to handle this competition, because in his work there is. It is always very difficult for a striker, because it is a very important role. But we have no choice but to accept this situation and work hard. Sometimes you find yourself in a phase where you feel good. In which there is a bit of luck and everything goes to perfection. And Mauro is exactly there at that moment ".

DEADLINE – That moment, the one that allows Maurito to throw in the first ball available and to build the number nine network in ten appearances with the PSG jersey. Cavani, on the other hand, is at a standstill and sees himself overcome by Icardi, as well as in hierarchies, also in the love of the fans. The Argentine is settling in much more easily than expected and now it has taken the Parco dei Principi to the sound of goals. And the ousted striker who ends up? Difficult to say, but with these assumptions the renewal of the contract, which expires in June, seems very far indeed. And as long as Icardi is in "that moment there", it will also be difficult to blame Tuchel if the first shirt will always go to him.

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