Trump surprisingly visits the US soldiers in Kabul and announces the resumption of negotiations with the Taliban


Trump explained that the Taliban "want an agreement, they want it strongly, and we are meeting with them" after months of deadlock in peace talks. The president, in fact, together with Ghani spoke of "great progress" with the Koranic students: "first they did not want a ceasefire, while now they are ready for an agreement, we are
very close ". Moreover, added the tycoon," we will stay here until there is an agreement, or until we get a definitive victory. And they want
the agreement".

However, the surprise visit to Kabul also served as a "spot" for Trump, whose popularity, also due to the impeachment proceeding, is definitely not at the highest levels: the president thus even served turkey to the troops who they celebrated Thanksgiving in the base cafeteria, promising everyone that you "come home".

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