Triestina-Vicenza 0-3, the former Arma pushes the Alabarda into the abyss and Di Carlo raises his head: the story from Rocco


Ends with a clear victory for three to zero for Vicenza the big match of Nereo Rocco that allows the red and white to forget the defeat with Padova and put a heavy sentence on the Triestina championship which is now eleven points behind the leaders. In the first fraction the Lane shows a good phrasing and an orderly maneuver: the most important occasion is of Marotta at 16 ′ when with an upside-down in the penalty area it worries Offredi. The alabardati play the game of Di Carlo's team closing in their own half and relying on rare counter-attacks. After returning to the field after the break, there is not even time to organize the schemes that Vicenza has the advantage with Cinelli, which uses a Bruscagin cross deflected by Marotta and beat Offredi at the center of the penalty area. Gautieri at 53 'tries to recover the result by inserting Gomez, Procaccio and Granoche, but it is always the Vicenza to lead the game, and at 65 ′ Cinelli serves a cross to the kiss for Arma who heads through a winning gamble to realize the red and white doubling . The alabardati are not able to raise their heads again, Di Carlo performs a poker of exchanges including Guerra instead of Marotta, and it is the former Feralpisalò who puts the goal of the trio of Vicenza in the net that condemns the Triestina to the second consecutive defeat and allows to the red and white of Di Carlo to raise his head after the defeat against Padova.


networks: 45 ′ Cinelli, 64 ′ Arma, 76 ′ Guerra

TRIESTINA (4-3-3): Offredi; Scrugli (62 ′ Steffe), Malomo, Lambrughi, Formiconi; Beccaro (51 ′ Procaccio), Giorico, Maracchi; Ferretti (51 ′ Gomez), Costantino (51 ′ Granoche), Gatto (78 ′ Mensah).
Available: Matosevic, Frascatore, Paulinho, Steffe, Granoche, Mensah, Ermacora, Codromaz, Hidalgo, Cernuto, Gomez, Procaccio. Gautieri All
VICENZA (4-3-1-2): Large; Bruscagin, Padella, Cappelletti, Barlocco (67 ′ Liviero); Rigoni, Pontisso (67 ′ Zonta), Cinelli; Vandeputte (67 ′ Zarpellon); Arma (78 ′ Saraniti), Marotta (67 ′ Guerra).
Available: Albertazzi, Bianchi, Scoppa, Bizzotto, Zonta, Liviero, Pasini, Zarpellon, Guerra, Tronco, Emmanuello, Saraniti. Herds Di Carlo
Referee: Matteo Marcenaro
Booked: Barlocco, Marotta.

Note: Corner Kicks 3-4 Recovery: pt 1 ′ and 4 st ’.

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