Torino, Mazzarri: "Let's play at our level and Inter will suffer"


TURIN – Walter Mazzarri confronts his past to relaunch the present and build the future. Inter, Toro's opponent tomorrow night, could indeed become a bridge to get that grenade identity that has only been seen in the league so far.Walter Mazzarri, how do you deal with Inter who travels on the average of two or more goals scored per game?
"We know the numbers of Inter but I always try to talk about the Taurus. And if we do all that we can do by playing as a real team we can annoy everyone. Even at Inter."
After your experience at Inter, do you have a desire for redemption?
"I don't really think about it, I swear. I am focused on my team. We know we are facing one of the championship's greats, and we have prepared it with the utmost attention."
In recent times, the stop at Toro does not lead very well. How did you see the team from a mental point of view?
"I have the feeling that the team is ready. Also because when you face a team not at the top you run more risks, but when you challenge the second of the class you can't have voltage drops. In these cases the charge is natural. And then I tried to change something in preparation compared to the last two stops ".
What Taurus is today? A convalescent or fit bull?
"The results are often the result of performances and in the last two games I have seen a lot of last year's Toro. We have reacquired some of the peculiarities we had lost. Even if in front there is one of the strongest teams in the league we can put it in difficulty".
Are you and Conte two similar coaches?
"We are two great workers. I am nine years older than Antonio, who is a great coach. We have an excellent relationship based on mutual respect. Then tomorrow night we will try to fight".
How is Simone Verdi?
"Simone is improving and in the first half in Brescia he did very well, only to fall a bit in the second half".
Isn't there the risk of feeling the weight of 25 million?
"Simone is a mature player and must only try to exploit his qualities without thinking about other things".
Berenguer gives the idea of ​​being the most fit man of the Taurus. What impression did you make during the week?
"It is true, he is one of the fittest. Alex is very well and could start the game as a starter or take over the game".

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