Topo Gigio, his creator Maria Perego died: he had invented it in '59 and was working on his return


She's dead Maria Perego, 95 years, the TV author "mother" of the character of Mouse Gigio. Had 95 years but his career was not over yet: he was working on the return of Mouse Gigio on Rai Yoyo, expected next year. His death was announced "with great sorrow" by Alessandro Rossi, administrator of Topo Gigio srl: “The lady was an exceptional one ambassadress of Italian creativity – he said in a statement -. Topo Gigio seemed to take life from his hands and with her he traveled to countries all over the world. It was a tireless one working and until the end he worked on new projects, the last of which is the brand new cartoon series on Mouse Gigio which will soon be broadcast by Rai Yoyo. We will miss him very much ”.

The famous TV puppet was a fixed presence in "Canzonissima" is "Zecchino d'oro”And this year he celebrated the 60 years of life. A success that Italy had then become international, from the Japan all 'ecuador, with lots of gadgets, books, records and cartoons. The mouse, animated for decades by the voice of Peppino Mazzullo and remembered for his famous phrase "but what can you ever tell me?", he had also been at the side of Raffaella Carra, Cino Tortorella is Memo Remigi. Thus Perego had conceived and created it: he wanted a character with a fort romance, pure innocence and sense of humor, recreating the kind of effusions typical of children who are eager to tenderness. The author, in an interview, attributed her enormous success to the fact that it was “the portrait of whiteness, of trust in a world scourged by dangers and fears ". Together with her and Mazzullo, too Federico Caldura is Guido Stagnaro have contributed to the success of Mouse Gigio.

In 2004 Maria Perego had signed a contract with Mediaset which also established the passage of Mouse Gigio a commercial television where he had been over the years Eighty in numerous variety broadcasts and in children's programs and, among other things, voice replacement Mazzullo. Although the contract preserved the presence of the puppet in historical broadcasts, that year in the "Zecchino d'Oro" was replaced by Geronimo Stilton of the Piemme, generating numerous controversies directed to the Rai. In 2005 Topo Gigio returned to "Zecchino d'Oro".


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