Tomorrow there is a need for winter tires or snow chains on board


The decentralized functional center of the Veneto Region has issued a warning with which it reports, among other things, that, tomorrow, Friday 8 November, extensive precipitation will be possible, at times intense, with abundant quantities on the mountain and foothill areas, locally very abundant. Snowfall in the mountains, copious above 1,500 – 1,700 meters and locally significant even at slightly lower altitudes in the Dolomites.

In light of the forecast scenario, the Prefect of Belluno, Francesco Esposito, has ordered, in order to protect road safety, the obligation to circulate vehicles only if they are equipped with winter tires or chains on board, along the following stretches of road:
· SP 347 of Passo Cereda and Passo Duran, from Frassene to the province border;
· SP 346 of the San Pellegrino Pass, from Falcade to the province border;
· SP 641 of Passo Fedaia, from Sottoguda to the province border;
· SR 203 Agordina, from Caprile to the Cernadoi junction;
· SR 48 of the Dolomites, from Auronzo to the province border, passes Tre Croci, Falzarego, Pordoi;
· SP 619 of Vigo di Cadore, from Lorenzago to the province border;
· SP 30 Overview of Comelico, from Costalissoio to Costalta;
· SP 6 Danta, from Campitello up to intersection with SP 532;
· SP 532 of Passo di Sant’Antonio, from Auronzo to Padola;
· SP 251 of the Val di Zoldo and Val Cellina, from Zoldo Alto to Forcella Staulanza-Selva di Cadore-Colle Santa Lucia;
· SP 148 Cadorna, from Forcelletta to the province border;
· SP 244 of Val Badia, from Arabba to the province border;
· SS 51 of Alemagna, from Dogana Vecchia (Cortina d’Ampezzo) to the province border;
· SS 52 Carnica, from Padola to the province border and from Lorenzago to Passo Mauria;
· SP 24 Passo di Val Parola, from the province border to Passo Falzarego

The order will be effective starting at 6 am on Friday 8 November and up to 0.0 on Saturday 9 November.
Road owners and / or managers and police forces will take care of the monitoring of the relevant road arteries, affected by the prefectural provision, and will be able to adopt autonomously any additional transit ban devices or, even extemporaneously, special exceptions to the 'obligation to travel only if equipped with winter equipment, if road conditions or other circumstances require it.

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