"Tomorrow is important, needless to deny it. Sensi can make its contribution, we'll see if from the beginning"


"The environment will be electric, warm. We know the atmosphere that the fans of Borussia Dortmund create. Having said that, we also know the value of their team and we will measure our strength and our personality in an important field trying to play and bring the our idea ". So Antonio Conte to the microphones of SportMediaset after the press conference on the eve of Borussia Dortmund-Inter.

Can it already be a play-off-qualifier?

"It is an important game, it is useless to deny it. We are paired with 4 points, it is a direct match and then there will be two other important matches, being able to make a result here would give confidence and an extra boost".

Do you also see Lukaku as your victory?

"No, absolutely. He and Lautaro are 26 and 22 years old, they are entering into our idea and into my idea of ​​football, for us the attackers are fundamental. Playing with two tips gives you effective solutions in the offensive phase but they are good in defense to lend a hand to the team Romelu must continue to work, he has important growth margins. In Italy he and Lautaro can only improve ".

Sensi can play from the beginning?

"Let's see, it's the third training session. It's recovered but you have to use your head and don't get caught up in the rush. Tomorrow will be a physical game with important rhythms, I think Stefano can give his contribution. We'll see if from the beginning or in the running, we'll evaluate the best solution".

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