Today's horoscope, Sunday 10 November, sign by sign


Here is today's horoscope, Sunday 10 November, signed by Barbanera e aired every day on Rgs.

Aries. The Moon in the sign highlights your enterprising soul, but with dissonant Mars and Pluto you risk wasting energy unnecessarily. Even in love you don't conceive boundaries …

Bull. Nothing to say about the couple's relationship, it works wonderfully in everyday life. The secret of your success is dialogue: talk and you'll be happy.

Gemini. Partners and friends face each other contending for the primacy in your heart, without understanding that in an unlimited space there is room for everyone!

Cancer. Work headaches and tensions with partners. The children of your home are your delight, who with their tenderness lighten up every problem.

Lion. The double trine of the Moon and of Jupiter gives you the charge, so today you make it of all colors, involving those around you in your initiatives. Cheerful, generous and communicative.

Virgin. A possessive thread, to the partner you are very attached and to the children even more. It is important to talk to each other, telling each other opinions, desires and expectations.

Weight scale. Sunday litigious, but with the necessary explanations everything is resolved. In order not to get stuck in a repetitive contention mechanism, it is necessary to clarify.

Scorpio. On this Sunday your governor Pluto gives you moments of great emotional intensity, forming a profitable sextile with Mercury in the sign. Delicious and rather expensive purchases, but only good and quality things.

Sagittarius. Everything you do today is tinged with liveliness. Your playful and ironic way of relating to others makes you win many sympathies.

Capricorn. To do good and bad weather today is Pluto in the sign, in conflict with the Moon, alias the family, but harmonious with Mercury: long live friends!

Aquarium. A wave of optimism fuels good humor. The inner well-being you give off will be contagious and others will be attracted to you.

Fish. Difficult to resist the temptation to spend beyond your possibilities, but a friend in the role of the talking cricket will prevent you from doing crazy things.

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