Today's horoscope, Saturday 9 November, sign by sign


Here is today's horoscope, Saturday 9 November, signed by Barbanera e aired every day on Rgs.

Aries. Idealized, love is even more beautiful. Too bad it does not correspond to the truth, but for you flirt collectors this is a negligible detail.

Bull. The rules are set by the Saturn-Neptune sextile, oriented towards friendship and introspection; desires remain secret, manifesting in dreams.

Gemini. Manforte by friends, encouraged by the Moon. You may pay little in the way of duties, but you will be able to rearrange limping relationships. Above all, something needs to be clarified.

Cancer. If, with Saturn, in opposition, he doesn't turn in pairs, your romantic spirit, driven by Neptune, could evaluate a new love …

Lion. If your love story is in its infancy or in the flirting phase, today something magical happens that fills you with enthusiasm and happiness.

Virgin. If the partner made a mistake in the past, you can't blame him for all the years to come! Be lenient and give him another chance.

Weight scale. Saturday no under the fire of the disharmonious Moon and Saturn, which allow us to foresee a little bit of maretta in the relationships, above all in couple and in family.

Scorpio. Some slowdown compared to the deadlines regarding the handling of business. Saturn does not deny you its help, but it certainly extends the time.

Sagittarius. The protagonist is sensual Venus in the sign: if you are in love it will be a beautiful Saturday, crowned by a magical evening with lots of red lights.

Capricorn. Saturn will be your prop today: thanks to the sextile you exchange with Nettuno, logic allies with fantasy in a mix full of promise.

Aquarium. A peaceful day full of pleasant surprises, with the Moon and Venus on your side. Friends, loves, relatives, companions: all gravitate around you.

Fish. Neptune, a master of imaginative creativity in your sign, receives the reassuring sextile of Saturn, a graduate in logic with a master's degree in concreteness.

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