Today's horoscope, Friday 8 November, sign by sign


Here is today's horoscope, Friday 8 November, signed by Barbanera e aired every day on Rgs.

Aries. Introspection also occasionally pleases hyperactive types like you; climbing the mountain is a symbol of elevation and the achievement of an ideal.

Bull. The creatives are favored, who find the ideal support in an accomplice and close-knit team to turn their fantasies into a reliable project.

Gemini. Study or work commitments can interfere with couple harmony: both too busy, you have little time to devote to each other. Hold on, the weekend is now one step away.

Cancer. With Saturn against the mood it is never at the top, but the mediation of the Sun and the Moon ticks the spines, making the partner a little more malleable.

Lion. As annoyed by the lunar quadrature, harmonious Jupiter at your sign is an excellent guarantee of vitality. Sincere and passionate affectivity.

Virgin. If you have a problem to solve in your family, you better face it with a calm soul and a bit of humor. Smiling helps!

Weight scale. The sense of duty is the spring that drives you to overdo it, taking care of everyone: family, colleagues and anyone who needs your help.

Scorpio. Splendid day with Saturn and Neptune in trigon to the Sun in the sign, in perfect balance between energy and sensitivity, vitality and adaptation.

Sagittarius. Some workload to be settled quickly before the weekly closing; on the other hand you earn well and maybe get a credit.

Capricorn. If you work in contact with the public or you deal with commerce, do not miss a good opportunity for gain, highlighting your skills.

Aquarium. Little desire to get involved, today in fact the job performance is half the usual: it rarely happens, and only when you are not in the mood.

Fish. The more you give weight to a situation, the more it magnifies. Yes to a little relaxation: a walk and a scented bath to regain balance.

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