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TMW - Pres. Lecce: "Clear regulation, rigor had to be repeated"

The president of Lecce Saverio Sticchi Damiani he commented in this way in the mixed zone the match lost at Lazio: "Today's episode? I believe that a rule has been applied that does not exist, the regulation of the game of football says something else, says that if a penalty kick comes into the players area of ​​the two teams – and Lapadula does not know if it has entered, sure there are 3-4 Lazio players – the penalty must be repeated. This is a rule. Then I'm not talking about the other episodes, about the rigor of Calderoni who falls and touches with his hand and maybe he was out. I'm talking about a rule that says rigor in this case must be repeated. When there is a rule, introducing a directive makes no sense. If we change the rules we find it hard to explain to our 4000 fans to explain what happened. I believe that the football of the past is losing a bit of sight. Today there was a beautiful match between two teams who played openly. Hats off to Lazio with a great team, Lecce made 18 shots on goal and it's mortifying to talk about such a clear rule. For us this is a small defeat. The regulation is clear, all the hypotheses are regulated. That Lapadula has entered the area is to be seen, those of Lazio are sure of it. The regulation speaks of rigor to be repeated. Here we do the Serie A with a rule that says one thing and in the field another is done. We play salvation, we have to give account to many people, today we don't even know how to give technical explanations to the fans ".

Were there any moments of tension? "Yes, but then we clarified, there were moments of excitement that are part of the game. I clarified with Lotito, there is an excellent relationship with the president of Lazio. Hats off to them who have done a good performance ”.

On the contact that led to the rigor:
"Both episodes are questionable, Calderoni's situation is very imaginative. Football is full of these episodes, the problem for me is linked to the goal annulled in Lapadula. I went into the locker room to thank the coach and the boys, we were in C a short time ago, today we made a quality performance. If we had gone on 2-2 we would have all enjoyed seeing how this race would have ended ”.

Do you expect the intervention of Rizzoli or Nicchi? "I hope so especially because my intervention here is to improve everyone, Serie A is a great championship and we find ourselves applying a rule that does not exist. What happened today is serious and led to the outcome of the match ”.

On the season of Lecce: "It is part of the growth process, we have met above all teams from the top of the rankings. We are growing visibly, we need to improve on some situations, but we are also proactive ”.

Why did Babacar draw the penalty? “They told me in the heat that there are hierarchies, but that there may be changes due to an ailment or some problem. Obviously Mancosu had some problems ”. – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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