TMW – Cagliari, Nainggolan: "We are more aware and dominate the races"



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TMW - Cagliari, Nainggolan: "We are more aware and dominate the races"

Cagliari midfielder Radja Nainggolan spoke in a mixed area, to the microphones of TMW, after today's great victory against Fiorentina: "We must never exalt individual players. I came here with the awareness of the players who had bought the president. As I am helping them too they are giving me a great hand. We are solid, we play well, we have fun. The positive results bring positive results ".

What margins does Cagliari have to improve? "We can't know this. We are making a journey, game after game we are more aware, we play better football and we dominate the games. We went to win in Rome but we didn't dominate, we drew in Rome but we didn't dominate, then we dominated in Bergamo and today again. These are steps forward that indicate an important improvement. I think we can do even better. The important thing is not to suffer too much because it can be the thing that can go against us ". – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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