Tivusat, 5 channels in 4K and free. From NASA TV to 4K Universe


Tivusat, 5 channels in 4K and free. From NASA TV to 4K Universe

One hundred and fifteen free channels and the offer in 4K that expands. Indeed, the Tivusat platform is enriched with 5 channels in 4K, the new technological television standard, with images of amazing definition, with a quality 4 times higher than in HD. In Italy, over 3.5 million Italians have activated cards to access the Tivusat channels, which looks to the future, when 4K will be the quality standard for all. 4K Universe, Rai 4K, NASA TV, Fashion TV and Eutelsat 4K1, the 5 channels available on the platform, to which in 2020 another 2 will be added, for a total of 115 channels, of which 50 are already in HD."Only on Tivusat can you see the channels in 4K completely free. It is sufficient to buy the new CAM 4K, which replaces the traditional external decoder, attach it to the TV and connect it to the satellite (on Eutelsat Hotbird 13th East) "considers Tullio Camiglieri, Tivu Srl communication director, at the presentation of Tivusat 4K" we put together important channels and ease of use, passing from the decoder to the 4K CAM, which allows access to the 5 4K channels with greater ease, without having to subscribe to Pay TV ".
According to the most recent estimates, by 2025, the worldwide 4K TV market will reach a value of 380.9 billion dollars, and in our country the owners of the latest TV are growing. Last year, 65 million devices were distributed to sales branches, while for the current year the estimates already speak of 74 million planned shipments.

"4K screens are spreading rapidly, even if in Italy TV viewing is still being continued in standard vision" commented Luca De Bartolo, commercial and marketing director of Tivu srl, "with 4K CAM the connection is facilitated at a low price , (just over 100 euros and already available on Amazon) and without any subscription ".
Among the five 4K channels, there is 4KUniverse, a generalist channel with programs, TV series, docu-films, NASA TV with unparalleled images from space and the Rai 4K channel, which has among its strengths Alberto's program Angela, Ulysses, shot in 4K, as the director of the program Gabriele Cipollitti pointed out. "The 4k involves complex recording devices, complex lighting devices and very high professionalism, in all respects comparable to a film shooting team. It is an incredible effort for television, because shooting times are getting longer, but the details of what we are shooting are very rich, incredible because it increases the depth of field that 4K technology offers ".


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