Thursday, 10-year Greek government bond interest rates fell below Italian BTP interest rates for the first time since 2008


Thursday 10-year interest rates on Greek government bonds fell below the interest rates of similar Italian BTPs. It had not happened since 2008, that is since before the serious Greek economic crisis began. At the end of the day, the interest rates on ten-year BTPs returned lower, but with a minimum difference: 1.25 against 1.27 per cent. At the beginning of the year, Italian ten-year government bonds had the lowest interest of the Greek one of 170 points. As for the government bonds of other durations, at the end of the day Greece reached a better result than Italy on those at 5, 7 and 15 years.

This data explains The sun 24 hours, do not mean that the performance of Italian government bonds has worsened since the beginning of the year, on the contrary: interest rates have dropped significantly, but even more so those of Greece, especially after the July 7 elections won by the center-right party New Democracy.

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