Three firefighters died of an insurance scam


explosion farmstead

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The funeral of the three firemen killed by the explosion in the farmhouse on the outskirts of Alessandria

He didn't want to kill Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the farmhouse of Quargnento destroyed in an explosion in the night between Monday and last Tuesday in which three firefighters lost their lives, but its objective was probably to collect the policy premium agreed last August.

An insurance for 1 million and a half euros, "also for malicious fact" that could have solved the economic problems of the man who – as established by the investigators – was in a situation of strong exposure debt".

Vincenti, subjected to detention in the night after admitting his responsibilities, is now in the prison of Alexandria. Full confession, his, made first to the carabinieri and then to the Pm. For him the accusation is of murder, arson and voluntary injuries, but is being evaluated, the chief prosecutor of Alexandria explained this morning Enrico Cieri, even fraud against the insurance company "at least in the attempted form". Also investigated on the loose wife.

The turn of the investigation arrived yesterday afternoon after a search ordered by the prosecutor's office in the man's house: on the dresser, in the bedroom, the investigators found the instruction sheet of the timer used to cause the explosion.

Just a mistake settings one of the two devices, the investigators explained, caused the first explosion in the Quargnento farmhouse, which triggered the intervention of firefighters and carabinieri. "From what we have reconstructed with the contribution of the technicians of the Ris di Parma " the prosecutor Cieri said "the timer had been set at one-thirty o'clock in the night but, accidentally, a further program had also been set up at midnight. And probably this setting at midnight caused the first more modest explosion and alerted the relief team ".

The second most devastating explosion killed three firefighters, Matteo Gastaldo, Marco Triches is Antonino Candido, injured a carabiniere and two other firefighters. A tragic epilogue, which Vincenti would probably have been able to avoid with a report to the police after the first explosion. "It appears to us" explained the prosecutor Cieri "that the first partial and accidental explosion was at about midnight and something. At one of the carabinieri called Vincenti and told him that they were intervening in his house, to turn off the fire".

However, the man does not reveal that there are five other unexploded tanks in the farmhouse and it is the massacre. For four days Giovanni Vincenti spoke of envy towards him, of possible ones sold but last night, just the day of the funeral of the three firefighters, before the evidence of the evidence, It fell apart.

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