Thirteenth for public and private employees 2019: the crediting dates


In this period that is close to Christmas the question that workers often ask us is "when the thirteenth is paid". For many workers the thirteenth is equivalent to a double salary that is paid with the salary of December.

Thirteenth: credit before Christmas

The thirteenth is usually paid in advance of Christmas, so that the worker can spend the money received for the Christmas holidays. The payment of the thirteenth in advance is valid both for public and private workers, this was established by the annex 1 of the decree n ° 350/2001, in which there is indicated the calendar of salary payments for Public Administration employees, which are different dates for the month of December 2019. In three weeks the employees will receive three monthly payments: the November salary at the end of the month, the thirteenth at the beginning of December and the December salary that is credited in advance.

The dates of salary accreditation

Usually the salary credit for public and private employees on the postal or bank current account takes place on the following days:

  • 22nd day of the month for nursery and elementary school teachers;
  • 23rd day of the month for the administrative staff of the provincial directorates of the Treasury with fixed expense roles;
  • 24th day of the month for the remaining government personnel except for teachers with short supply teachers, for whom the salary arrives on the 27th day of the month:
  • 27th to the 5th day of the following month for private employees, this depends on the provisions transcribed on the CCNL.

In the event that these dates coincide with a holiday, the credit date will be advanced to the previous working day.

These, therefore, are the salary crediting dates valid for the months from January to November, while for the month of December things change.

Thirteenth: the crediting dates in the current account

The thirteenth and the December salary are credited on the following dates:

  • teachers of kindergartens and elementary schools: day 14 December accreditation of salary December and thirteenth month of salary;
  • personnel administered by the provincial treasury directorates with fixed expense roles: December 15th, credit for December salary and thirteenth month;
  • temporary substitute teaching staff: December 16, credit for December salary and thirteenth month;
  • other state personnel: December 16th, December salary credit and 13th month salary;
  • Private staff: from 15 to 24 December depends on the sector of employment and the employer, for the December salary accreditation and thirteenth monthly salary.

Should one of these dates coincide with a Sunday or Saturday, the payday will be anticipated.

Thirteenth: what it is, how it is calculated and who perceives it

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