Thieves at Allan's home: investigate the Digos, reconstruction


Gazzetta - Thieves at Allan's home: investigate the Digos, the reconstruction

Thieves at the home of Allan, the reconstruction of the theft occurred yesterday evening at his villa. Napoli midfielder struck.

Latest Calcio Napoli – One problem behind the other for Marques Allan. The midfielder of Naples it was certainly the negative protagonist of post events Naples-Salzburg and pointed out among the main culprits of the mutiny. But the bad news, personal and private, arrived yesterday evening.

Thieves at the Allan home: reconstruction

Last night the thieves broke into the house Allan. The player didn't notice anything, because together with his wife and children he was on another floor of the villa where he lives, in Pozzuoli, a town on the outskirts of Naples. At the moment we do not know the damage suffered by the Brazilian median who in these days is at the center of the controversy over the events that occurred in the post-race with Salzburg. The Neapolitan Digos is investigating the theft. Certainly, Allan was pointed out by the supporters as one of the most heated rioters, who did not pay attention to the interests of the club but, exclusively to the personal ones. The player, in any case, is not among those called up for tonight's match against Genoa. The news is reported by the online edition of Gazzetta.

Allan heartened by Callejon against Roma

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