"They do not die if we follow their example"


The whole country pays tribute to Marco, Matteo and Nino

Quargnento embrace firemen

QUARGNENTO – The whole country is still shaken from the tragedy of Tuesday night but, despite the pain, in every way Quargnento is trying to demonstrate all the possible proximity to Matteo, Marco and Nino, the three firefighters who died in the now infamous farmhouse. Sunday 10 November there church of the village was filled with citizens and immediately after a river of people wanted to give flowers, candles and prayers to those who ran that night for work and by vocation because, as he said don Mario Bianchi in his homily, "being a Fire Brigade means helping others". And it is precisely from this, explained Don Mario, from the human and commendable side "of these three boys that need to start again. We have to look at these people as examples. As Paolo Borsellino said, towards our dead we have a great debt and we must pay it joyfully. They do not die if we continue to remember the words that gave meaning to their lives: helping people. Helping others ".
The question, he concluded, is all in the centrality of the ego, which puts itself ahead "to you and to us and even in these cases we must not let ourselves go to hatred".

During the mass, many faces furrowed with tears, combined with the lively force of children, protagonists of the procession that brought the whole town in front of the gate that opens up on rubble of greed. There the mayor of Quargnento, Paola Porzio, together with the mayor of Solero, Giovanni Ercole, to Don Mario, ai Carabinieri of Solero and Alessandria, led by the Commander Claudio Sanzò, together with the children of the town's schools, released the balloons with the names of the three firemen. A great testimony of affection that will continue also in the next days, explained the mayor Porzio, sorrowful for a country hit by a mourning "painful" is that "will continue to help the families of the victims".

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