they also fracture her nose


He kidnapped a Russian tourist inside a McDonald's between Via Sarpi and Via Lomazzo in Milan, groped and punched her in the face, fracturing her nasal septum. He was arrested on Tuesday by the police: he reconstructed what would have happened at the end of a quick investigation that allowed the facts to be ascertained. In handcuffs a 37-year-old Egyptian man has finished cleaning the restaurant where the violence took place.

Tourist victim of sexual violence in Milan

To reconstruct the incident have been the men of the general prevention office of the police station that that day, the night of November 4, they have rescued the woman just near the McDonald's. She, a 26-year-old on vacation in Milan, did not speak a word of Italian or English, which is why an interpreter was needed.

Sexual violence kidnapping at McDonald's

The nightmare night for the young woman begins when, due to a delay in a connection, she finds herself having to contact her host in Milan at 2 am. To do this, use the Couchsurfing application but it has no connection. He decides to approach the doors of McDonald's, even if the shop is closed, hoping to find a free wi-fi.

While there, the fast food cleaner, who is still working at the moment, invites her to enter from the back of the restaurant. The 'offers' the internet but also to eat and drink. The girl accepts but soon the kind attitude of the 37-year-old turns.

Man's advances and aggression

The man starts making advances. She refuses. He touches her with force. She tries to escape from the main entrance, as evidenced by the security cameras seen by the police during the investigation, but the man stops her and strikes her with a violent fist in the face. He breaks her nose. She manages to convince him to go to the bathroom, he accepts but steals her phone as a guarantee. With this ploy finally, after minutes of terror, the tourist manages to escape to the street where luckily crosses the steering wheel.

Police investigations

The 26-year-old ends up in the hospital. The doctors dismiss her with a 20-day prognosis, she immediately speaks with the police but decides to leave immediately for her country, already during the day of the 4. Meanwhile the policemen retrieve the cell phone from the Egyptian, who until that moment did not had precedents, and begin investigations after hearing the victim with the help of an interpreter. The cameras of the restaurant, which framed only the main room, confirm the woman's story. On Tuesday, the police arrive at the house of the Egyptian, married and with children. Handcuffs for sexual violence, robbery, kidnapping and injuries are taking place for the man.

McDonald's position

On Wednesday afternoon, the company – specifying that the arrested man is not a direct employee – issued his position on an official note, which we report: "McDonald's Italia is dismayed by what happened in the restaurant in Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan and expresses its closeness to the girl victim of this violence. The alleged person responsible for the attack, an employee of the cleaning company who works with the restaurant, was immediately removed from the service as soon as the restaurant manager learned of the incident from the police. McDonald’s and the licensee who manages the venue immediately became available to cooperate with the police to provide all the information in their possession ».

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