There is the first H24 helipad, in the Macerata area three are ready "So you have Torrette under the house"


        HEALTH - Governor Luca Ceriscioli cut the ribbon for the new infrastructure of Serra De &#39;Conti. The Region announces that the provinces of Castelraimondo, Cingoli and Belforte have been completed     </p><div><div id="attachment_1325997" style="width: 660px" class="wp-caption aligncenter"><img aria-describedby="caption-attachment-1325997" class="wp-image-1325997 size-large" src="" alt="" width="650" height="488" srcset=" 650w, 325w, 95w, 480w, 1124w" sizes="(max-width: 650px) 100vw, 650px" /><p id="caption-attachment-1325997" class="wp-caption-text">TAPE CUTTING - Governor Luca Ceriscioli inaugurates the new helipad in Serra De ’Conti</p></div>

"The hospital of Torrette below the house" for some municipalities in the Macerata area, said governor Luca Ceriscioli, thanks to the helipads for night flight. Six are ready in the region, three are in Macerata: in Cingoli, Castelraimondo and Belforte. The president of the region said this during the inauguration of the H24 helipad of Serra De ’Conti. "The project joins the tender just concluded for the 24-hour helicopter rescue service – said Ceriscioli -, it is a very important service because it allows the transport to the Torrette dei hospital on the whole regional territory. more serious cases, multiple traumas and heart attacks requiring very specialized interventions. Torrette is the excellence of healthcare in the Marche region and a network of helipads allows the regional hospital to be practically under the house ». The mayor Letizia Perticaroli and the director of the Regional Civil Protection Service, David Piccinini, were also present at the Via Carrara heliport cut in Serra De 'Conti along the Arceviese road. The Region, in a note, adds that «Ad are already ready to be used for the night flight 6 helipads, which will become operational as required by the tender for the recently awarded helicopter rescue service: Castelraimondo, Pergola, Pesaro, Cingoli, Belforte and Serra de 'Conti. The remaining 28 helipads will have to be completed by June 2020, as per the schedules shared with all the owners of the helipads ». The resources used come from the availability of the Health Fund (500 thousand euros) and from the solidarity text messages (1.7 million transferred by the Government Commissioner for reconstruction to the Region).

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