there is a catch. Giovanni Vincenti questioned for hours


The news arrived in the middle of the night: the Carabinieri hounded the owner of the collapsed farmhouse

ALESSANDRIA – Breakthrough in the investigation of the Quargnento tragedy. At the end of a long interrogation started in the late afternoon and ended shortly after 1.30, the lawyer Laura Mazzolini she left the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri emphasizing in front of the many journalists present that they had attended the interrogation of Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the farmhouse in via San Francesco destroyed Tuesday night, whose collapse caused the death of the three Fire Brigades Marco Triches, Antonino Candido and Matteo Gastaldo.

Around 2.30 am from the Provincial Command the news of a crime suspect arrest. At the end of close and detailed investigations, in fact, the Carabinieri emphasized that they had proceeded against a subject held responsible for arson, murder and voluntary injury.

At 3.15 this subject he was taken from the Scapaccino Barracks to the Cantiello and Gaeta prison in Alessandria.

More details of the operation will be revealed this Saturday morning at a press conference.

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