The woman stabbed yesterday morning aboard a Frecciarossa is out of danger


G.F., the 41-year-old woman who was stabbed yesterday on board Frecciarossa 9309 from Turin and headed for Rome, and admitted to the Maggiore hospital in Bologna, left the intensive care unit and was declared out of danger. The 41-year-old's conditions are improving and in the early afternoon the doctors decided to move her to the medical department.

According to the reconstruction of the Polfer, there are fifteen stab wounds received between the neck, chest and legs. To inflict them was Domenico Foti, a 47-year-old Calabrian who worked for a cleaning company on board a train and was arrested with the hypothesis of a crime of attempted murder. The man would have inflicted numerous blows on the woman, shouting "You must die". The attacker worked for the Dussmann company and was responsible for cleaning the trains: it was taken under arrest by the railway police as soon as the Frecciarossa stopped at platform 19 of the high-speed train in Bologna around 10.40 yesterday.

The type of relationship between the aggressor and the victim, but obviously the 47-year-old, is not clear he had developed a real obsession with the woman, who yesterday morning was sitting in the 3rd car like the other passengers. The weapon used by the 47-year-old is a pocketknife, with a blade that is not too long: a feature that has saved the life of the forty-one year old, who was rescued by another passenger. The man had to take off his trouser belt to stop the bleeding of the injuries caused to the victim because – according to him – there would have been no emergency room cassettes nearby: this circumstance will however have to be verified during the investigations, entrusted to the Police Railway.

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