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22.01 Thank you for having lived with us the emotions of the Italian Supercup of female volleyball and good continuation of the evening.

21.58 One-way game with Conegliano who dominated far and wide. Overflowing Paola Egonu practically unstoppable. Wolosz extolled the qualities of his plants Folie and De Kruijf who responded with great punctuality. Barbolini tried to mix the cards but the gap between the two teams seemed even more evident than what we saw a week ago in the league. Daniele Santarelli's girls deserve to win the Italian Super Cup.

25-21 PAOLAAAAA EGONUUUUUUUUU! Thus ends a fantastic match for her and her Conegliano.


24-20 Folie's error at the service.

24-19 Attack out of Veljkovic called the video check from Novara. No touch to the wall, five match balls for Conegliano.

23-19 Egonu flies over the wall and closes diagonally!

22-19 Hill defends well but misses the counterattack also because Wolosz's ball is too attached to the net.

22-18 Bad mistake in the service of Novara.

21-18 Wall invasion of Sylla.

21-17 Hill's long attack which finds the touch in defense of Mlakar.

20-17 Sylla is stopped at the wall, Hancock suddenly attacks instead of serving her companions and puts down.

20-16 Egonu looks for a very narrow diagonal and finds the net.


19-15 Chirichella contends a net ball with Wolosz and puts it down.

19-14 Great attack by De Kruijf on Di Iulio's wall.

18-14 Out the service of Mlakar.

17-14 Novara fights on all the balls and after three attacks from Conegliano, Chirichella walls Egonu !!!

17-13 Sylla's long pipe. The video check confirms.

17-12 Buonissima long Chirichella fast.

17-11 Error at the service of Egonu.

17-10 EGONU MONSTER BLOCK !!!! The Novara attack does not pass.

16-10 Brava Mlakar diagonally.

16-9 Egonu's Bolide that risks hurting the unfortunate Mlakar !!!

15-9 Hill error in parallel.

15-8 Veljkovic tries to wake up his companions.

15-7 Novara position foul! The Piedmontese seem completely in doll!

14-7 Mlakar attacks badly and Egonu supports easy!

13-7 Wolosz-Folie's harmony is something incredible. When the Conegliano setter looks for the central the point is practically assured!

12-7 Sylla attacks perfectly diagonally.

11-7 Mlakar plays with the hands of the wall, ball out.

11-6 The confirmation arrives, Egonu's wall is clearly inside !!!

10-7 Egonu's Wall on Di Iulio but the video check is called, the ball looks inside.

10-6 BOLIDEEEEEE EGONUUUUUUUUU! Incredible narrow diagonal!

9-6 Long service by De Kruijf.

9-5 Chirichella does not close the first half and Egonu takes advantage of it! The video check confirms the ball is inside.

8-5 When Wolosz serves Folie there is nothing for Novara to do.

7-5 Sylla attacks from sidereal height !!

6-5 The ribbon helps Conegliano but Vasileva is astute in attacking on the hands of the wall, ball out.

6-4 Mlakar's bad service that ends directly out.

5-4 Excellent attack by Vasileva.


4-3 Miss the Gorecka diagonal.

3-3 Error by Folie at the service.

3-2 Paola Egonu !!! Still unstoppable.

2-2 Novara returns in a draw

2-1 First time Prefect of Folie !!!

1-1 Hancock's second point.

1-0 Conegliano starts the third set well.

21.27 Conegliano is unstoppable even in this second set. In the first part Novara tried to limit Egonu, Folie, Sylla, De Kruijf that in the second part clearly took over.

25-17 PAOLAAAAAAA EGONUUUUUUUU MONSTER BLOCK !!! Thus the second set closes.

24-17 Paola Egonu is able to exploit the error in attack and puts down an excellent wall.

23-17 Folie as usual punctual on the first half.

22-17 Very short Wolosz service.

22-16 Chirichella fails to serve.

21-16 MUROOOO GORECKAAAA !!! Incredible printed on Egonu's attack !!!

21-15 Precise Diagonal of Mlakar.

21-14 Sorokaite enters and challenges the Piedmontese service, closes the Sylla point.

20-14 MIRIAM SYLLAAAAAAA !!!! Phenomenal Diagonal !!!

19-14 Novara tries to mend.

19-13 The Venetian defend and Sylla puts down a very delicate lob.

18-13 Delicatissimo touch of Wolosz's second.

17-13 Invasion of Conegliano.


16-12 The ribbon helps Egonu, Novara defends and supports in the Conegliano field, on the attack of Sylla there is the invasion of Chirichella.

15-12 As usual Paola Egonu !!!!!

14-12 Egonu is a sentence so far! Pass in the middle of the wall with a bolide!

13-12 Brakocevic brings back his companions with a sweet lob.

13-11 Attack out of Novara, the video check will establish the possible touch to the wall. After all the checks the ball is actually out.

12-11 DE GENNARO FABULOUS !!! Throw on an incredible ball at the end. Folie touches the hands of the wall and the ball goes out.

11-11 Error in the service of Sylla that does not seem for the time being in its best day.

11-10 As always, at every moment of difficulty, he entrusts to Egonu who makes no mistake.

10-10 Struggling point with four defenses at the end Di Iulio passes between the hands of Sylla and Folie.



10-7 Sylla's narrow diagonal error. The video check confirms that the ball is out.

10-6 What a great defense of De Gennaro, the first half of Folie is practically irresistible !!!

9-6 Double attack by Sylla defended but the wall of Novara invades.

8-6 Error in the service of De Kruijf.


7-5 Wall printed in the face of Miriam Sylla.


6-4 Another monster block in Hill's face!

6-3 MUROOOO CHIRICHELLAAAA !!! The blue closes every opening for Hill's attack.

6-2 Novara defends well but the counterattack is mortified by the great wall of Egonu!

5-2 Folie's service ends up on the net.

5-1 Conegliano defends very well, in the end Paola Egonu thinks with a very narrow diagonal !!!



2-1 Hill plays on the hands of the wall and Brakocevic fails to defend.

1-1 Veljkovic attacks on the wall the ball ends out.

1-0 Brakocevic error.


20.59 Novara tried to stem Conegliano's offensive force without much success. The Venetian, however, will have to keep up the guard because the girls of Barbolini are ready to take advantage of every empty passage of Egonu and companions.

25-20 CONEGLIANO WINS THE FIRST SET !!! Despite the difficulties in reception, De Gennaro raises Sylla in a delightful way that closes the partial!

24-20 Attacks in fast De Kruijf the ball ends out. The video check confirms that there was no wall touch.

24-19 Gorecka's brave attack with the ball stuffed into the hands of the wall.

24-18 ACEEEEEE HILL !!! Set point Conegliano!

23-18 Conegliano does not receive well but Egonu does not make a mistake diagonally!

22-18 Along the service of Paola Egonu.

22-17 De Kruijf climbs very high and attacks above the hands of the wall !!!

21-17 Lucky Brakocevic attacking on the wall with the ball in the bag.

21-16 Conegliano defends on all the attacks at the end De Kruijf thinks with a clamorous fast.

20-16 Punctual Folie, unstoppable in the first half.

19-16 Still Vasileva pulling Egonu's hands out.

19-15 First time of Folie.

18-15 Egonu and Hill stuck to the wall, Vasileva without an appeal is good at passing through the hands of the wall.

18-14 Super point of Brakocevic who fakes the blow in parallel and supports a very sweet lob.

18-13 Di Iulio serves very long.

17-13 Veljkovic perfectly cuts the ball and puts it down.

17-12 Another mistake in the service of Novara.

16-12 Hancock puts down second.

16-11 Novara pulls on three attacks but in the end can do nothing about De Kruijf's first half.

15-11 Pound the Egonu field line at the service.

15-10 Wolosz finds Hill perfectly that he can't go wrong.

14-10 Very narrow diagonal of Paola Egonu !!!!!

13-10 First time still of Chirichella who touches the hands of the wall and ends out.

13-9 Hill attacks well, Sansonna tries to defend without success.

12-9 Chirichella attacks above the hands of the wall!

12-8 Paola Egonu unstoppable !!!!

11-8 MUROOO CHIRICHELLA !!!! The control unit prints the hands on Sylla's attack.

11-7 Vasileva restarts her companions.

11-6 Muro Conegliano !!!!

10-6 Error in reception for Sylla is a breeze to put down without a wall.

9-6 Novara returns the favor to the service.

8-6 Conegliano attack error.

8-5 Very delicate fast by De Kruijf that plucks the line.

7-5 Vasileva plays with the hands of the wall.


6-4 Novara pulls up a good ball but De Kruijf prints a big wall.

5-4 Chirichella shows off all his qualities and puts down a deep attack.

5-3 Another hammer stroke by Paola Egonu who now goes to the service.

4-3 Vasileva removes the chestnuts from the fire after the wall suffered by Chirichella.

4-2 Bad mistake on Hancock's diagonal.

3-2 ACEEEEEEEEE FOLIEEEEEEE !!! Find the conflict zone.

2-2 First diagonal bolide of Paola Egonu.

1-2 Very tight point, with Veljkovic passing the wall against two opponents.

1-1 Conegliano responds well, returning immediately in a tie.

0-1 Veljkovic's perfect first half, Novara started well.

LET'S START! Conegliano service.

20.32 On the terraces also the ct. of Italy Davide Mazzanti.

20.29 The lights are dimmed: it is the moment of Mameli's hymn.

20.27 Despite Conegliano having won seven times in the last ten previous years, Novara took the Champions League home last season, surpassing the Venetian ones.

20.23 The volleyball players are on the parquet floor to complete the final stages of heating.

20.20 In the last challenge that dates back just seven days ago, Conegliano had some opponents on the field.

20.17 Thousands of spectators cheering on the stands of Milan's Allianz Cloud await the start of the match.

20.13 Massimo Barbolini will try to respond with the technique of Cristina Chirichella and the talent Elitsa Vasileva.

20.10 Daniele Santarelli will rely on three of his mouths of fire: Paola Egonu and Miriam Sylla and Indre Sorokaite.

20.07 We expect a match full of emotions between the two strongest volleyball teams Made in Italy. Some of the strongest volleyball players on the planet will go down on the floor.

20.03 Good evening and welcome to the direct text of the Italian Super Cup of female volleyball between Conegliano and Novara.

The presentation of Conegliano-Novara, Italian Super Cup female volley 2019

The endless challenge between Conegliano-Novara this time valid for the Italian Super Cup. The two best teams in our league are back on the field to play for the first title of the season. A race that promises to be full of emotions and that will see some of the strongest volleyball players in the world among the protagonists.

The favors of the prediction are on the side of the girls of Daniele Santarelli. In the last ten challenges, in fact, Conegliano he won seven times. The same scenario was repeated in the last league match last November 9th with the Veneto players who settled for 3-1. The Piedmontese, however, managed to establish themselves in the most important match of last season or the Champions League final.

Santarelli will be able to count on the power of Paola Egonu and Miriam Sylla as well as on the technique of Indre Sorokaite. Barboliniinstead, he will rely on the blue captain Cristina Chirichella and the talent of the crusher Elitsa Vasileva. In this first phase of the season Conegliano is proving a cynical and ruthless team, with only three sets lost in eight games and a good six points ahead Novara.

The kick-off at the Allianz Cloud in Milan is scheduled for 8.30 pm, OA Sport will offer you the LIVE LIVE of the match to not miss even an exchange and an emotion of this fantastic challenge.

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