The "usual" Celentano is a deja vu: the pauses, the water, the pretense of leaving


His Absence this time there is, breaks included. Celentano forgets Adrian and returns to Adriano, he does not limit himself to the hardcover experience, but also manifests himself in flesh, bones and voice. The usual table with the glass and the bottle of water; the pretend to interrupt his monologue and leave. Deja vu. The pillars on which he built his television career are all there, the topics he talks about are those that matter to him: the world of TV, environmentalism. Celentano has set up a show that would have the credentials to be defined an event, starting from the conductors that manages to put together around a table representing the various souls of generalist TV: there is Rai (with Carlo Conti), there is Mediaset (with the trio Bonolis, Chiambretti, Gerry Scotti), there is La7 (with Giletti). People who have a dowry of something like 16 million spectators to add their programs to Such and which Show to It is not the Arena. However, the result of the debate is too improvised, between some trivialities and superficial analyzes.

In the background the skyline of a city full of skyscrapers overlooking the sea, they enter one at a time and stand on one side of the table; on the other there is Celentano announced as "the conductor". It takes a while to get the voice out – otherwise it wouldn't be him: «Here is television. They are our window to the world, through them comes the beauty and ugliness of humanity. I believe that we must change the TV: change is always positive, even when it is wrong. We need to be more direct, more candid, less caramelized ». Celentano also gives reviews on their programs. «The defect of As such he's on the jury, they don't have the courage to tell competitors when they haven't been good. I would put a jury to judge the jury ». Giletti? "He can't stop the chaos when the guests squabble." Gerry Scotti? "I'm against giving money into a quiz through a game, it's not a good message for young people." The accusation of Bonolis is to linger too much on beautiful girls in thongs, "you should change". "But I change my ass every week," the conductor's laser response.

Then comes the "usual" monologue, the concern for the wounds of our Planet ("The Earth is angry with Man"). With Ligabue instead they talk about water. But the best moment is the theatrical summary of Adrian made by Alessio Boni. Celentano has also focused on a duration that is the future of TV, it remains around the time, a piece of news that has a different reading: little time to get bored to death (if you don't like it), great for not being satiated (if you enjoy the spectators), perfect for not diluting ideas (if there are any) in 3 hours of program that in these times of restricted attention are now a remnant of television twentieth century.

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