The ugliness between "er Brazil" and Vauro. Del Debbio is the sewer of Italian TV (Video)


Rome, Nov. 8 – Abyss by abyss, Kali Yuga for Kali Yuga, so at this point it is worth looking at stuff like You are this or i Friends VIP of Maria De Filippi. The honesty of wanting to do trash in a blatant manner should be rewarded. We must instead blame Paolo Del Debbio and his trash transmissions, who pretend to deal with pseudo-social issues (this time the title of the program “the new fascism that grows in the suburbs", Stuff that not even a brain storm between Berizzi and the Murgia) to make a low-league show (we are still on Mediaset). And if on the show front Maria De Filippi is more honest than Del Debbio, same thing happens on the political front, where a Serena Bortone of Agora, clear in its anti-fascism and anti-sovereignty, it is undoubtedly more authentic than the presenter of Rete Quattro, who carries out the same operation by masking it with "populist" tones.

A chicken coop called "Straight and reverse"

The one that aired yesterday in the chicken coop of Straight and Reverse it's a ridicule of the anger of the suburbs, gifted through the theatrical clash (obviously sought) between the fascist forced and tattooed and the old fellow drunk. He, Vauro, stands as defender of the injured dignity of women (in this case Francesca Fagnani, journalist and fiancee of Enrico Mentana), facing face to face "the shit fascist". Which, rightly, liquidates it with a "stink of wine levate". Everything ends with Del Debbio, which salomonically says "either you recover or I'll throw you out to both of you". And the applause starts.

The dispute between Er Brazil and Vauro, all at the table

In short, the theater has respected the script planned by Del Debbio. Massimiliano Minnocci aka "er Brazil" he played the role of the fascistone, who despite his debut in his speech with a "Rome is not fascist", actually confirms the "beam-mafia" approach (according to the goodist lexicon) claiming thatin my hamlet there is order and discipline because I command ". To which the Fagnani marks the goal into an empty net of the committed journalist who does not accept the threats of the forced-beam, who had invited her to go to "his" township. The Debbio is backed up by all the pompous "eh she is not afraid of the Spada and the Casamonica, let alone Brazil". And then precisely there is a poor Vauro who is a red veteran from the 70s. If this is information.

Davide Romano

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