"The Train of Remembrance is biased", the Municipality of Predappio denies the funds for the visit to Auschwitz


PREDAPPIO – The Municipality of Predappio has denied a contribution of 370 euros for the participation of two students in the project "Auschwitz Reminder – Train of Memory" because for the center-right mayor Roberto Canali "this train goes in one direction, that is only towards Auschwitz". He states that he considers these projects "commendable", but "when trains are also organized for the Berlin Wall or the Foibe or the gulags, then our administration will contribute to the initiative. I say that history must be known in its entirety, at 360 degrees, and not only partisan: we also need to know what communism has been doing for 50 years. There are associations that exploit tragedies for partisan reasons ".The case was raised by the GenerAzioni in Comune association and the minority counseling group of the homonymous list. "It is worrying – they write – that the municipal administration of Predappio, a city that more than others should feel a strong duty to strive to keep the memory alive", as the birthplace of Benito Mussolini, where every year, on the anniversary of the march on Rome, we find hundreds of nostalgics, "did not consider it important to give this signal: we hope that you can reconsider, otherwise it would be a very serious act". But steps back do not seem to be on the horizon. This is how the association covers the few tens of euros denied by the municipal administration so that the two students can participate, joining the contribution already paid by the Anpi of Forlì-Cesena.
"It seems to me to dream. A nightmare", comments the provincial president of Anpi Miro Gori, "and I did not expect it from a mayor whom I consider moderate, certainly not a lazy one. But what does it mean that the Train of Remembrance 'is biased? The extermination of six million Jews is a question of part? Then we should throw the history books ", he asks. "The Municipality is wrong twice: visiting Auschwitz is a very normal act of civil coexistence and knowledge, it is precisely the minimum wage, also that it is Predappio who denies this visit, a symbolic place that is found invaded by shops with objects of the Duce, nostalgics who make the Roman salute is absurd ". The mayor Canali wants that also the Foibas are object of memory. "Good, but then we also stop at the Slovenes and the Greeks massacred by the fascists, and by the gassed Libyans," replies Gori."When I was mayor of San Mauro Pascoli," recalled President Gori, "I did everything I could to send as many students to Auschwitz, and when I returned home I had them intervene in the initiatives of April 25. Impossible not to feel their remarkable grip of conscience. They are not all communists, you know? ", but what was Auschwitz understood.

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