the tension rises, eight fans reported. Five of them found with clubs and a knife


Tension rises to Rome in view of the starting whistle of the match of Uefa Europa League which will see the field take the field Olympic stadium there Lazio and the Celtic Glasgow. After the two fans stabbed by a group of Lazio in the streets of the Center of the Capital, rthis is high attention from the Italian police.

In fact, eight fans (three Scots and five from Lazio) have been arrested and reported. In particular, two Scots have been denounced in recent hours for crimes of resistance and insulting a public official. A third fan was fined for public indecency.

On the Biancocelesti front there are instead five Lazio ultras reported by the Digos of Rome for possession of objects to offend, in particular sticks and a knife. For all five the Daspo was proposed while two of them had already been subjected to the same provision, which had expired.

The measures derive from the Digos controls implemented during the football match scheduled at 7.00 pm at the Olimpico. Nine thousand Scots present in the stands. The tension is high especially in view of what happened with the anti-fascist banners on one side and the fascist choirs on the other during the first match. On the eve of the match the two stabbings, both attributable according to the policemen engaged in the street, to the ultras circles of Lazio.

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