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Antonio Conte Inter feels totally: "Absolutely. I think that the market choices are always made in collaboration with the club, knowing what can and cannot be done", said the Nerazzurri technician at the press conference on the eve of the championship against Hellas Verona. "My only recrimination is that when we planned the squad we did not budget out some situations that could have happened because they had happened in the past – he added -. The only regret is this, for the rest I'm happy to have this rose and I'm even happier to have known them. At the football level, we can and want to work and we want to do it, but on a numerical level we have been superficial and today, unfortunately, we are paying for something in a serene way. We had done some more rotation maybe a few more chances we could have it. However, I repeat, it is part of a path. We can speed things up, not bypass them. If you want to go all together towards one goal. We must know this and everything is always done for the good of Inter. What I told the boys is that in football, as in life, there are moments and occasions when you have to understand that winning will change your life. Winning in Dortmund meant staying with one foot and a half in the second round and for what we showed there and in Barcelona there must be great regret. I have to be very honest and say that the defeat in Dortmund has changed the passing percentages, that today they are very small, but we also know that the only way we can go is to start winning and hope for some other result ".

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