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Very little is missing to launch the receipt lottery and there are problems. Because it seems very difficult to start the state reforms from the first one January of 2020, as desired by the executive. At least according to the companies, which will have to guarantee the citizen's participation by transmitting the data relating to theRevenue Agency. "We need to adapt the cash registers to the legal provisions in a few weeks. But it is a complex process, which can take months, "he explains to Business Insider Italy Albino Russo, director ofNational Association of Consumer Co-operatives. Which continues: "The builders must first make changes to the machines, then test them. And finally we must also educate the workers. Doing everything in a month is impossible, however, at the threshold of the Christmas period, when the stores are overworked for the busiest sales season of the year ”.

The lottery of the receipts, designed to counter thetax evasion, was introduced with the 2017 Budget law by the Gentiloni executive but never actually implemented. The yellow-red government has decided to propose it again with the aim of encouraging the use of the electronic money. The mechanism is simple: purchases entitle you to a ticket to participate in draws where various prizes are offered. Yet some obstacles could damage the effectiveness of the provision.

A first doubt concerns i structural nodes that limit the work of the revenue agency: that is, the technical weaknesses of afinancial administration not yet able to analyze the amount of information that would be created with the expected increase in receipts issued, as he had explained to Business Insider Italy Alessandro Santoro, Professor of Finance Science at the University of Milan Bicocca. But even before the data collection and analysis process, there is another problem to be addressed. That ofsending information necessary to participate in the raffle.

"Merchants, artisans, cooperatives and large retailers are not yet ready to meet the expectation of the customer who expects to be able to get lottery tickets as early as next January. They have not yet had time to adjust the cash registers and it is a complicated operation that cannot be completed certainly between November and December ", emphasizes Albino Russo, who remembers how the revenue agency's circular, which defines the method of data transmission, was released only on 31 October.

"We need time to adapt to the provisions of the law because it is a very complex matter," says the director of ANCC-Coop. Who explains: "The technicians said that first we have to fix the hardware, in essence the speakers and i server who must transmit the information to the competent authorities. Then adjust the software, necessary to manage the data. At that point, you need to test everything and certify that it works. Only after a laboratory phase, the telematic cash registers may be adopted in the sales outlets ". The greatest difficulty lies in the amount of information to be recorded, processed and sent. This is because, according to Albino Russo, the volume of data is far greater than that of the transmission of fees: “With the fees, basically a summary data of sales is sent. In this case, instead, it is necessary to transmit the individual receipts associated with a consumer identification code ".

As stated in the Revenue Agency's provision, to participate in the draw it is necessary that consumers, at the time of purchase, communicate their lottery code (assigned by the agency) to the operator with the purpose of participating in the lottery. The electronic recorder generates the record layout composed of all the commercial documents accompanied by the customer's lottery code and then transmitted to the Revenue Agency. "The procedure is very complicated, just think of it Coop in its stores it beats a million and a half receipts a day. If the consumer arrives with an alphanumeric code of 7 or 8 digits, he will have to dictate it to the cashiers or have a barcode or a coupon in which this number appears. These are possible solutions, of course, but there are objective difficulties to overcome, even from an operational point of view: such as the need to educate staff and inform customers at various points of sale about the correct functioning of the lottery ".

A long process, therefore, that would require more than a month: "It is not complex in itself, it becomes so when operators are asked to adapt to the rules in such a short time", commented Russo, who urges the executive to postpone the start-up of the raffle: "We believe that the lottery is a tool more useful to fight tax evasion, but so it is impossible to respect the law, we ask for reasonableness of the times. The most correct and reasonable solution would be to extend by six months the obligation of the telematic transmission of data for the purpose of participating in the raffle, so that everyone, from retailers to large-scale retailers, can guarantee this possibility to all consumers ".

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