the tax payer nightmare returns to action, here are the risks



After the partial freezing of the Risparmiometro of the past few months i controls on current accounts, cards prepaid and the cards of credit of taxpayers. The nightmare of evaders is finally back in function and from 2020 could become the official means to fight them.

The then widens heritage dell 'Revenue Agency that by its powerful algorithm will check all the deposits of citizens, including prepaid cards. Unfortunately, neither will be saved savings that in case of failure withdrawal will be the subject of investigations. As already happened in the past also will be studied standard of living of the tax payer to find possible sources of income not declared.

Risparmiometro: there will be no escape for tax evaders

In a few days a meeting between the Revenue Agency and the Ministry of the Economy will decide the fate of the Risparmiometro. During the meeting of 12 November it will be decided whether or not to finish the phase experimentation of the algorithm on people physical and will be defined the goals to be reached by 2021.

The final year for the fight all 'evasion should be 2020. It should in fact put the machine in motion checks, led by Agenzia delle Entrate and Guardia di Finanza. The goal will be to check every source of income and each storage area starting from prepaid cards. To comply with his task the Risparmiometro will be able to count on a well-stocked database, the superanagrafe.

For those who do not remember the anti-evasion algorithm was introduced in 2011 with the Decree save Italy, but succeeded in leave definitively only last year. The purpose is to determine any sources of work unstated, often unlawful. If the difference between savings and expenses exceeded the 20% the digital eye of the Risparmiometro.

Once started i controls it would come summoned by an official of Fisco, with the request of evidence documentary of its activities. Where the documentation if it were not enough you could think of a possible one activities unlawful and would definitely leave the checks.

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