"The Taurus was presumptuous. Fila? Always open to regroup"


"Taurus has the sin of presumption". In one sentence he encloses the mali garnet of the last months Angelo Cereser, one that Taurus has in his veins. Born in 1944, he wore the grenade shirt for a lifetime, living as a protagonist in the heart of defense, radiant years in the history of Turin. Ten seasons in Serie A with the grenade on him, from 1965/1966 to 1974/1975. Great technical guides on his way, from Nereo Rocco to Edmondo Fabbri, passing through Gustavo Giagnoni, all names that give the thrill to those who love Turin and football in general. Here is the interview with Toro News.

Good morning Angelo, Turin has not won since September 26th and is experiencing the worst crisis of management results Walter Mazzarri. Did you get an idea as to why the grenade's serious difficulties?

"It is frankly difficult to analyze the situation of the Taurus from the outside. I do not live in the locker room and in society, but critically I tried to get an idea about what is happening ”.

Good. So where do we start from in the analysis?

"Certainly the advance preparation is negatively affecting the team, but it would be wrong to identify this as the only cause of Turin's worries".

The other aspect that does not convince you what is it?

“In my opinion, the company, the technical staff and the locker room thought that going to Europe could be easier than expected. They talked a little too much and did it well in advance. In football you have to win things on the field, the chatter isn't enough ".

For this reason, in your opinion, has Taurus lost the right path?

"Yes, I think the team no longer has a common denominator. He must find it quickly ".

How to do?

“We need everyone's character, the one, so to speak, that we saw in the derby. But eye, though, because it is not enough to play with the right character only the match with Juventus. If the same performance is not repeated in the coming weeks, the derby will remain an alibi and the Torino season will be even more complicated than it is at the moment. I sincerely hope for the good of Taurus that the group has really regrouped and is ready to face the next challenges together to recover from an intricate situation, in which the bad moods in the environment are increasing ".

In this regard, many would like the exemption of Mazzarri and the sale of the company by Urbano Cairo. Do you agree with those who support these opinions?

"All opinions are justifiable, but we should think more in English. You should be sporty and supportive of your favorite team in good times, but also in difficult ones. The reaction of the Taurus will necessarily pass from the compactness of the locker room, the society and the fans. It is right to complain if things do not go, but in the first place we must always put the Taurus ”.

Taurus on top of everything. Many argue that, instead, the Taurus is not the first thought of Cairo. Agree?

"I think the company is trying to do things in the best way, but at the same time it seems to me that it is making mistakes. And I'm not talking about the economic factor. Cairo, especially this year, for example, cannot be reproached for having spent little. I believe, however, that they could be invested with greater caution ”.

Can you explain better?

"I dwell on Simone Verdi. It was purchased because it was identified as the ideal element to enhance the Taurus rose. In fact, several aspects were not taken into consideration. In the first place, the boy has not played consistently for a long time and therefore his impact cannot be immediate. Then, from him the whole world Toro expects that it is not one of the many. Unfortunately, in today's team I see too many and a few and the thing is serious, because the numbers one emerge in moments of crisis, like this one. They are not necessarily the best technically, but they are the strongest ones, mentally and strategically. I hope that with time Verdi can truly prove to be a number one, not only for games, but also for character and tenacity ".

Has another mistake in the last few months been keeping the Philadelphia gates closed?

"It hurts to see the Philadelphia closed to the fans, so thank goodness that Monday after 121 days the gates were reopened. However, I launch a warning to those in charge ”.


"Be careful not to open the Philadelphia just because Turin is in trouble. The grenade house must remain usable, always. It is a place where we can and must confront each other at all times. It is our stadium, our office and now also the environment in which we can make peace with ourselves without exaggerating in declarations and amazing thoughts. The Philadelphia to regroup and leave for the good of Taurus ”.

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