The Tactical Corner – The 3 defenders dominate the belshine intensity. Lautaro-Lukaku, 90 'to dialogue and create spaces


Another transfer awaits theInter of Antonio Conte, committed to the difficult field of Bologna. The attack pair is extremely confusing Lukaku-Lautaro, in the 3-5-2 Nerazzurri return from the 1st Biraghi, left instead of the absent Asamoah, is Sticks, alongside De Vrij is Škriniar in the defensive trio. Starting debut for Lazaro, with Candreva initially on the bench. A bench enriched by the returns of Ranocchia, Vecino is Sensi. Rossoblu shore, space for the usual 4-2-3-1: Bani-Danilo at the center of defense, Svanberg-Poly in the middle, Ursu-Soriano-Samson behind Palacio.

FIRST HALF – High pace and great organization in defending forward characterize the approach to the race of both teams. Bologna complicates the construction from below the Nerazzurri, at times 'forcing it' to the direct search for the two points: Palacio and Soriano mark De Vrij and Brozovic, while Orsolini and Sansone position themselves on Bastoni and Skriniar. And when Handanovic does not give up developing the maneuver from behind, the entire Felsinea team accompanies the pressure, with the quarterback in the ball area ready to go out on the 'fifth' and on the mezzala, always very wide in the first phase of the dribble. It is the chain of the right-hand host the most used for this situation, where Gagliardini finds some difficulty, unlike a Lazaro fast in the choices and precise in the narrow. On the construction from below rossoblu, Lukaku and Lautaro divide the two central defenders, while if on the one hand the Austrian exterior duels with Krejci even in the non-possession phase, on the other Biraghi remains low in the Orsolini area. And on Mbaye, very involved at the beginning of the action (to form a 3-man defense in the first meters of the maneuver), Barella gets up, with Brozovic called to climb on Poli. Bologna is often the winner of this situation, appearing in the offensive half. Where, however, he must immediately measure himself against the aggressiveness of the Nerazzurri centers, good at removing potential dangers from the goal defended by Handanovic. Great timing in alternating waiting – to close the depth -, and pressure – to regain the ball forward – by the host rearguard, turn off the intensity of the hosts. To break the balance, in the calculation of the opportunities created, there is the dialogue between Lautaro and Lukaku. Immediately searched and primed at the beginning of the action, or passing through the first external construction, the two attackers build spaces between the lines that are initially difficult to find. Bani and Danilo, despite their excellent positioning, sometimes struggle to hold the duel. Accompanying the offensive combinations of the 9th and 10th is above all Lazaro, and Inter miss only the goals of the advantage for centimeters. To counter an intense and orderly Bologna for all the first 45 ’, Conte's team played with great application.

SECOND HALF – The layout in the field and the way to face the race of both teams, in both phases of the game, do not change. Some technical precision errors on the exit from below, or in dialogue with the points, limit the danger and the territorial dominance of Conte's men, giving space to the intensity of the hosts. Very brave and numerous both in the pressing during the non-possession phase and in the positive transitions once the ball has been recovered. Poli and Svanberg "attack" the Nerazzurri midfielder, just as the fullbacks leave no room for the "fifths", to then accompany the game plots addressed by Palacio's movements and the dribble between the lines of the three trequartisti in the last 20 meters. Which lead to the Bolognese advantage at the stroke of the hour of play, with the conclusion – diverted – of Soriano. Inter, while struggling in the first pressure, with Barella's exit on Mbaye rarely productive, does not break down. Recovering possession through the work of the three defenders, good at letting the rossoblu strikers play against Handanovic's defended goal and representing a constant option in the development of the offensive maneuver, pulling back the opponent's center of gravity. Barella finds continuity in the vertical movements to "run away" behind Poli and Mbaye, bringing his radius of action closer to the two attackers and participating in the fast horizontal ball lap, aimed at moving the attack on the weak side of the Bati. Brozovic, when he is not overtaken by game changes, leads in the trocar area, while Lazaro is freed in the 1v1 with Krejci. The Austrian stings with quality, and guests arrive at the bottom several times. Vecino for Gagliardini and Medel for Poli represent fresh forces in the middle of the field, on one side and on the other. A few minutes later Candreva replaces Biraghi in an attempt to increase the push also on the left-hand lane, just a few moments before the goal of the draw signed by Lukaku. The proactive attitude of Bologna (in Dzemali for Soriano, with more advanced Svanberg) does not change, but it is Inter who is holding the ball in the game, taking advantage of the new inertia of the match and the usual work of the two spikes, found with discreet ease by the external collaboration between ‘fifths and middle ones. The latest offensive moves (Santander for Sansone in the rossoblu house and Politano for Lazaro spond nerazzurra) consolidate the desire to win for both teams. And it is the beloved, with the rigor gained by Lautaro and transformed by Lukaku, to succeed. Conquering three other difficult points, enriched by several positive aspects. The spirit, the compactness, the game and the response of some players.


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