The Tactical Corner – Inter dribbles, Verona 'walls' and starts again. Then the defenders dominate a complete recovery


The Nerazzurri, after three consecutive trips, return to San Siro, to host the Verona in the race valid for the twelfth day of the championship. In 3-5-2 of Antonio Conte, come back from 1 Lazaro, instead of Candreva, is Sticks, left in the defensive trio completed by De Vrij is Škriniar. Absent Gagliardini, and with Sensi not at best, the median is confirmed Vecino-Brozovic-stretcher. Without Asamoah, the left-handed lane is still entrusted to Biraghi. In a private attack also of Politano, the certainties are represented by the couple Lautaro-Lukaku. Juric responds with 3-4-1-2: Gunter at the center of defense, Amrabat-Pessina in the middle of the field, Verre behind Zaccagni is Salcedo.

FIRST HALF – The comparison between the two modules favors the creation of many duels, in all areas of the field and in the development of each game phase by both teams. With the dribble in favor of Inter and the restart as a weapon used by Verona. On the Nerazzurri bass construction, the two attacking hosts, Salcedo and Zaccagni, go out on Bastoni and Skriniar, while Verre – behind them – follows Brozovic, with De Vrij initially free to set. Lazovic-Lazaro and Faroni-Biraghi the challenges on the outside, Pessina-Vecino and Amrabat-Barella confrontations in the middle of the field. The hosts struggle to find the "clean" play for the two tips, controlled by the 3 yellow jersey centers, very tight to protect their own penalty area. Projected forward, with the vertical movements of the midlines supporting spikes and exteriors, and being forced to ‘force’ the game, in an attempt to ‘break’ the defensive organization, the home team exposes itself to possible restarts. The Hellas counterattacks with clear ideas and fast plots, attacking with the two attackers the spaces behind the Nerazzurri defenders. As on the occasion of the penalty won by Zaccagni and transformed by Verre, valid for the Scaligero advantage on 19 '. Minute and episode that open to another phase of the match, characterized by the strong reaction of Conte's men and by the opposition within the last 20 meters of almost all the yellow jersey interpreters. Salcedo and Zaccagni "observe" Bastoni and Skriniar, Verre does not give Brozovic any freedom, and De Vrij goes beyond the half court with extreme ease and continuity. Before finding himself in front of the host defense, numerous and compact in front of Silvestri. Barella and Vecino, never abandoned by the marking of Amrabat and Pessina, play on the Lautaro and Lukaku lines, without being able to bring advantages to the final development of the Nerazzurri maneuver. The "fifths" have a few meters of field to attack, and the only solution – in addition to the conclusion from the outside – was born with the release "forced" in the last meters of Verre on De Vrij, releasing Brozovic close to the penalty area, however always well protected by the Scaliger "wall". Raising Barella on the middle third of the right (Rrahmani), on the rare occasions when Verona dribbles at the start of the action, with Brozovic climbing on Amrabat and the remaining comrades to attack very high, Inter increases the offensive forcing. Creating bargains and finishing in crescendo the first fraction.

SECOND HALF – Inter is always mistress of the field and dribble, returning from the locker room with an even more proactive attitude, adding aggressiveness and quality in the various game alternatives. Which start constantly with the undisturbed advances of De Vrij, accompanied by Skriniar and Bastoni. Lukaku, widening on the center-right, participates more in the maneuver, creating spaces for the insertions of the midlines, followed everywhere by Amrabat and Pessina. The guests (Juric inserts Tutino for Zaccagni) resist, but they no longer find the accelerated to hurt on the restart. And short and compact forward, the Nerazzurri immediately regain possession, disengaging in positive transitions intent on taking advantage of an opponent less deployed to protect his area. Moving the ball quickly, changing the game and often reaching the bottom. Lazaro has more scope to "attack" the lane defended by Lazovic, and Inter is becoming increasingly unpredictable and dangerous. In an attempt to raise the center of gravity in the non-possession phase, advancing the position of the 'fifths' and the midfields by a few meters, the guests grant more space to the quality of the Nerazzurri dribble and to the movements to meet, or to several along the offensive front, of the two attackers. And, with Salcedo more central in the De Vrij area, it is Bastoni who approaches, ball and chain, in the penalty area of ​​La Scala. And it is precisely the number 95, a few moments after Candreva's entry for Biraghi (and Henderson for Verre sponda Hellas), to draw the action of the draw, with the opening for Lazaro, then good at rewarding the inclusion of Vecino inside the penalty area. The goal drags home 11 further into the opposing half, through vertical runs, of defenders and midfielders, and phrasing between the lines behind the last 16 meters. Lukaku and Lautaro catalyze several balloons, but the defensive guest 'wall' is late in giving up. Taking the scene, going beyond the strong Scaliger opposition, is Barella, with the prowess of distance that is worth overtaking the team led by Conte. At the turn of the definitive 2-1 the inputs of Esposito for Lautaro and D’ambrosio for Lazaro (in the last minutes to the left). Juric introduces Stepinski instead of Salcedo, without however managing to worry Handanovic in the "desperate" final assault. There beloved brings another important success home, the result of another significant comeback. At the end of a dominated match involving all the performers, good at accompanying the action and collaborating in the immediate reconquest of the ball. Now the pause, expected and deserved.


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