The survey by Masia silences Merkel: for 45 percent of Italians the European Union has deteriorated


Thirty years ago the Berlin Wall fell. It was November 9, 1989 when Germany, on the one hand the German Democratic Republic, the pro-Soviet, and on the other the Federal Republic of Germany, was reunified. Years later, many people wonder if Europe has improved since then. The answer is Fabrizio Masia which, on the occasion of the anniversary, tested the Italians for transmission Agora.

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The majority (45 percent), although narrow, states that the EU has suffered a deterioration. A different thought – the one collected by the director of Emg Acqua – for 44 percent of the population that sees an improvement, while 11 percent do not answer the question. The wall has always been the symbol of the iron curtain, the European border line between the areas controlled by France, the United Kingdom and the United States and the Soviet one, during the Cold War.

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