The "super-weapon" of the Tax Office is now in danger of jamming


The detailed checks on electronic invoices by the Revenue Agency violate the privacy of Italian citizens.

The Giallorossi government, in an attempt to fight tax evasion in every way and at all costs, has pulled the rope too far. The tax decree had in fact given the authorities the green light to access all the information contained in the e-invoices, even those that are fiscally irrelevant. Well, according to what reported by The messenger, a substantial change is coming.

The reason is simple: the Privacy Guarantor has noticed that such a measure would have openly opposed the "principle of proportionality of the data". In other words, the tax authorities would handle, among others, too non-relevant information for the purpose of their investigations, and thus exceeded the sensitive limits demarcated by specific red lines. The director of the Revenue Agency, Angonio Maggiore, declared that a discussion table with the Authority will soon be launched "to define guarantee measures" to protect the rights of the interested parties. Measures that will be adopted together with the Guardia di Finanza.

Privacy at risk

The risk of violating the privacy of citizens is enormous, so much so that, in a memo sent to the finance committee, the Guarantor pointed out that each year 2.1 billion electronic invoices are issued containing sensitive data. Data not only of a fiscal nature but that also shed light on the relations between the seller and the concessionaire. In any case, the risks double if we consider the fact that the data collected can be used for a period of eight years, even for extra-tax investigations.

At this point the road that could be traveled is the one that leads straight to thedimming of some data, in particular those that would reveal the health status of the tax payers, their consumption habits and the hypothetical criminal proceedings against them. The Minister of the Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, agrees to change the fiscal decree but in no case will the 3 billion of revenue that the executive expects to recover from the struggle to be evasion and submerged.

Time is running out and the government now risks ending up strangled by a difficult knot to untie. Yes, because in addition to the checks on electronic invoices, other measures to combat tax evasion, or one of the most important objectives of the Giallorossi maneuver, have also been targeted by the Guarantor: theget receipts and theevasometro.

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