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What you see in the images in our gallery is the result of one study on the potential design of the DS brand. Yes, because when the French of PSA decided to ennoble and exploit it to make it a real automotive brand, modern (now also electric cars) some passionate Italians instead saw a clear reference to the "pure" model. There mythical DS of 1955.

We talk about that car often and a lot: an example inimitable for how he made a fuss and how it spread, holding up to very valuable rivals on behalf of Citroen. The DS was very personal, even under the dress. We have already talked about that, saying that certain solutions of their own were abandoned and today, unfortunately, we are making strong use of common platforms and engines.

This time we talk about image, what it would be like new DS of the present century. The designer Giuseppe Armano (ex Alfa Romeo style center) when he thought about the possible style of the new brand for the present day drew what you see here. Then these hypotheses never arrived in Paris, but we rediscover them today.

"I think there was enough space to evolve in style" explains the designer. The style born with the first DS, the one that instead of today's corporate choice was substantially kept away, if not in the name and in the market objectives, is taken up in these sketches of a potential DS.

DS FCA. We obviously see it as Plug-In hybrid, without magic suspensions, if anything with a platform shared by Alfa Romeo to give it certain driving qualities of the Giulia. Who knows .. that someone is not reviewing the accounts to understand whether to try to do it. A new DS that on behalf of PSA, with FCA technology and Italian design (let's not forget who was a great Citroen designer of that time). It rivals German premium strong style and driving …

For now, let us be content with drawings: various alternatives for the historical DS theme, taken up rightly, in its entirety. Because for many purists a new car heir to another must always be recognized, even if half a century passes, at a glance.

"There is enormous work behind the birth of a car. Of men and money. A large number of sketches must be made for the style center department"Recalls Armano. One that as a child, like so many peers, today no longer kids, the car brands recognized them from afar, because the style was in the forms before in the small logo to look at or name to read.

"Sometimes the choices are made with criteria, sometimes less. In the long and troubled gestation of a model, the desired results are influenced because the car's release date must be respected. Once the major car manufacturers had their own identity ”.

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