The strong dollar rents against the riches of the super scum


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In 2018 the wealth of the 2,101 billionaires drops to 8.5 trillion dollars (the Italians fall from 43 to 35 with two women among the new entries) according to the Billionaires Insights 2019 of UBS and PwC. The number of billionaires women in five years has grown by 46%

by Lucilla Incorvati

Who are the four "Scrooge" eighty-year-olds who shake Piazza Affari

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The rich also cry. 2018 was not a year of happiness for the super super gds. The strong dollar and the volatile stock market made them choose their wealth of 388 billion dollars after 5 years of growth. Be careful, however, we are still talking about gentlemen sitting on an infinite mountain of money, exactly 8.5 trillion dollars, considering the individuals who have at least 1 billion of financial wealth. That is 2101 individuals. In Italy there were 35 were 43 in 2017. Three new entries there are either two women and a man who is not over 40 years old. This is revealed by the annual report Billionaires Insights (The Billionaires Effect) edited as every year by UBS and PwC.


(Source: PwC Billionaire Database, UBS and PwC analysis)


The first thud after 5 years of growth
Now in its fifth year, the study draws on the vast network of clients and data available to UBS and PwC with the aim of offering detailed information on billionaires from around the world. More than 30 face-to-face interviews with billionaires and their heirs and, for the first time, also a survey carried out on more than 100 UBS client advisors to discover interests, places and dreams of the super super bookmen and their heirs.


If until the end of 2018 the companies listed on the stock market controlled by billionaires recorded an increase in performance of 17.8%, compared to the average of the MSCI AC World index of 9.1%, in 2018 the trend was reversed . The strong dollar and the volatile stock market penalized these subjects. In the Americas there has been a slight increase in wealth: as many as 33 new billionaires have joined the super paperoni club in 12 months.

More women among the rich of the planet
The number of billionaires women in five years is grew by 46%. Effect of greater entrepreneurial drive but also of super-billion-dollar divorces and separations. How not to remember the record divorce between Jeff Bezos, patron of Amazon, and his wife MacKenzie: 36 billion have gone to her in shares and so she became the fourth richest woman in the world.

According to the study, in the world there are currently 233 billionaires women, compared to 160 in 2013, which are growing at a rate (39%) higher than that of men. In Asia, over half (57 percent) of billionaire women have achieved these results on their own. Four out of 10 of the billionaires who arrived at this result built this wealth, operating in the consumer and retail sector.

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