the social fury against Carlo, the final decision of ADL, the low head that hurts and the scandal that is not news


(by Arturo Minervini) – Zero is powerful because it is the twin of the infinite, some American author dares. Zero is an ambiguous number, which can tell everything or nothing. Here, the Naples chooses the second way. He hides behind the force of nothingness, tossed about by the events inside a universe that is now close to him. Finding the right size is a rough path and you can't cheat. Because you can lie to the whole world, but the only person you will never convince of a lie is your conscience. He who is without blemish (on his conscience above) cast the first stone.

One the point with Genoa, third in a row in the league that risks sucking you in an anonymity that in comparison Edward Snowden was someone who liked to get noticed during his work on the web. The alert (not weather, of those we already have enough) has been taken for some time. Those who have tried to make them outrageously have been branded and kicked with the greatest injury of the enemy of the fatherland, when instead this situation is the logical consequence of regressions that began to manifest for several weeks. Putting your head in the sand like ostriches, served just before and even less now. Now is the time to look at each other. To dig inside everyone's desires and to understand what to do, favoring only the good of Naples. All the rest is SUPERFLUO.

Two minutes and a network to Insigne is canceled. It seemed the prelude to a ransom, it was instead a false premise. A false promise. Vowels that change within a sentence, but do not change a substance made up of an ideal betrayal, rather than a technical one. That Naples that was said to be ready, mature, hungry licks its wounds in its corner like ‘Dirty Dancing’ Baby. It would now also need to have his own desire for revenge.

Three points in the last four races. Farewell to the dream championship, goodbye to the "sling of Ancelotti" to the proclamations of the "second place that is no longer enough". It remains a complicated situation, but one that demands maximum seriousness. Why not grab fourth place would be one of the most striking sporting failures of the last twenty years, considering potential and expectations. Let's leave Sarri's 91 points aside, think of the 84 collected last year. The team is the same, with some reinforcement. You can't think of traveling at the embarrassing average of 1.58 points per game.

Four to the image that hurts the most. You know the low head of a lover who does not have the courage to answer the question 'Why do not you Love Me anymore?". Here it is. Tonight is the feeling. The same anxiety, ineluctable frost in the brain that seems to have exhausted the desire to make room for a deep apathy.

Five to Fabian, once again. Because now it is of little use to talk about individuals, because the structure of the team will also be unstable, but that talent should always be respected and respected. Below the Spanish, distracted, stubborn in plays that do nothing but exacerbate the pains of a team that would need to be dragged, not weighed down by the indolence that makes even more noise if it comes from one with its qualities.

You are like being, as essence, as spirit. The missed one, fainted, diluted over the years by the frustration of always caressing a dream and then seeing it fade away. The great beauty first, then the time that with its effects arrives inexorably. Mena Suvari in American Beauty says "There is nothing worse than being any. Here is the Naples syndrome. Find yourself thinking of being the same as many. To have failed to go further. To stop right there, a few steps from the miracle without this ever happening. It is a thought that consumes you. That wears you out. That empties you inside, when you look like before like a piece of wood attacked by woodworms.

Seven centimeters, maybe even less. Elmas's head, Radu's hand, a Maginot line that protects Genoa's goal from a ball that should have made only one last effort to restore a bit of enthusiasm, and a result that served as bread. Murphy with his law is merciless, knows certain moments to perfection and ruthlessly rages more David Carradine who makes his revenge on Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Then one day I would like to know this Murphy, just to tell him some little words. Everything is really bad.

Eight more points, at least. Because we must also have the strength not to let ourselves be carried away by the tide, by the revolt. It's like when a city rebels, windows are smashed and televisions are stolen from department stores. It is the syndrome of devastation, which now understandably can grip us all. Things are bad, but we must never stop fighting for the truth. Another resounding rigor denied to Naples, yet another injustice as the last temporal act of a fury that far exceeds the concept of coincidence. And when that happens, you have to be really scared.

Nine to those who will remain close to Naples, also to let those who have perhaps forgotten what it means to love this shirt. It would serve the same enthusiasm. We would have liked to see the same rush on Tuesday night, the one shown to not go into retreat in a mutiny that has no justification for how it was consumed, because the form is also substance. But no. Instead nothing. Instead, NOTHING. Now you play on DISCOVERED CARDS. Who doesn't want who? The popular uprising invokes the head of Ancelotti to wave in the square as a banner, flag of liberation, De Laurentiis is asked for the extreme decision of the exemption Difficult to think that the problem could be only that, but in this phase no solution can and must be excluded.

Ten to the Naples that it was and that as the Andrea of ​​De Andre "He's lost, he's lost and can't return". What are the remedies? Is there a cure? Who still wants Naples? To fight? Getting your hands dirty? Plato in Socrates' Apology writes "An unexamined life is not worth living". Examining this Naples is a complex exercise, one risks being influenced by personal sympathies, by the past, by the tendencies of thought that always lead to complicated roads. We would all be wrong if we thought there was only one culprit and many innocents. We would be even more mistaken in believing that there is a bad guy on one side and good guys on the other, or the bad guys on one side and the good on the other. From Aurelio De Laurentiis to the last of the warehouse workers, everyone takes on a slice of guilt. Eat this bitter pill, throw it down and start digestion. We need to address the issue to overcome it. Because we are not even in mid-November and everything can still be put back on its feet. However, the greatest footballer the history of man has ever conceived is needed: it's called VOLONTA.



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