the shorts at Piazza Affari fell significantly


The one just ended was the fifth eighth in terms of the increases on the FTSE Mib, which has updated its annual maximums, reaching 23,584.8398 points.

The continuous improvement in Piazza Affari's prices has led the funds to significantly lower their short exposure on the various listed companies.

This is evident if we compare the situation of the Net short positions published by Consob last November 8th with the one announced the first of the month.

Elaboration of the Research Department on Consob data on 8 November 2019

From the graph shown we can see how, compared to last week, the share of short shares has decreased mainly on Banco BPM (dropped by 0.83% of the share capital), Azimuth (-0.73%) e IMA (-0.6%).

On the contrary, there are few companies that have seen an increase in the social capital set up by the strong hands, of which the main ones are Moncler (+ 0.32% of the share capital), Saras (+ 0.21%) e Credito Valtellinese (+ 0.14%).

The general picture at Piazza Affari

Elaboration of the Research Department on Consob data on 8 November 2019

Looking now at the general situation, it immediately catches the eye that after some time there is no longer a financial company to dominate the ranking: with 6.01% short-term capital, Maire Tecnimont is in first place in our ranking, followed by UBI Banca and Azimut, on which weigh 5.81% and 4.34% respectively of the share capital set aside by the funds.

It should also be noted that there is a new blue chip among the best-selling companies of Piazza Affari, ie Campari, which begins with a Pnc and 0.50% of capital held by the funds from a bearish perspective.

More fortunate Biesse, Banca IFIS and Eurotech, which leave the rankings because the short share has fallen below 0.5% of the capital.

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